Diane Sawyer Discusses Post-Speech Paul Ryan Interview

Host of ABC's "World News" says vice presidential nominee is excited for ticket.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Diane Sawyer Discusses Post-Speech Paul Ryan Interview
We are pleased now to join. ABC's Diane Sawyer. Quote did you see our great. I think they're geared towards him so. It's it's still submit them. Now Michigan at Michigan mom -- -- that he admits it was like and it doesn't look like admit they have them on its upper peninsula -- -- statement. It's that you. That you might -- rocket. Attack not pretty good job and this -- right here that is very tough. So you've got to sit down with the new vice presidential nominee I afternoon I -- that -- so sick. What you -- he came back and he is so problems. He is so excited he's so convinced. That his running mate is the man -- do you get this done it was very funny -- you know he walked in. I stood there and I looked like this and I said. I don't know what where you understood that you think our music the music of my generation that is elevator music. And he looks at the -- This because I believed I believed the Eagles are favorite remembrance -- that hotel California. Is not elevator music but that. Well he can't but AC DC and -- -- -- -- he didn't he did with us not exactly younger music but it is it is a key demographic that he. -- -- What I think you'll regret for the flight 35% of -- home right now is that generation voters thirty yet. Until I ask -- about that I also of course asked him about the nominee coming up tonight. I'm talking about very big specific cuts because -- -- time magazine that the governor handling. Achieve the newsroom tonight I I hope people get to meet the kind of leader I know. We need someone who is gonna give us honest leadership courageous leadership -- -- of achievement in integrity. -- mean do you enjoy listening to because he tell you the truth. That's the guy I know and that's what I think American and me tonight. Does he ever -- seem passionate about the man at the top of the ticket he does but also is try to push a little bit of what they're gonna get specific about cuts. -- has cut -- disease and -- magazine that about me. Has said that he thinks the Democrats -- use -- this father. If they get too specific. I didn't get a whole lot further with him but we talk about. The generation to comment again he's just that front edge of a new generation. Do you feel coming out of this convention the younger voters voters under a third inning 35%. Now with the Republican -- Do you think it's -- to change -- Is because. I see younger people -- are more disaffected get a remember. Half of all college treasures today. Are either unemployed or not working in the field in which they study looking at as little -- is there I think. And what they what -- offering them is a positive solution specific reforms. To get this economy -- so we can turn up to -- back on. He understands. Or. The leaves that he it is the voice of this generation and the then next. Transformative. -- right next line and his generation next in line to be sitting at that stage and. I think he certainly understands that he's not going to elect Barack Obama continue the picture being. That -- that that generation however their polling right now everything's Marshall. -- don't Marshall the organization this time around he's making a place like he's making a big run away. You can be Diane Sawyer our pleasure to have you in the -- thankfully our coverage tonight from ten to eleven on the ABC broadcast network we thank you so much bigger. And yet still the best Kentucky but I think what we -- Mitch McConnell get to do it and he -- Why are you. He just signed his name. And now it's OK so far -- -- -- -- my record that's exactly right a failure of leadership I think. But thank you. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17120735,"title":"Diane Sawyer Discusses Post-Speech Paul Ryan Interview","duration":"3:00","description":"Host of ABC's \"World News\" says vice presidential nominee is excited for ticket.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-paul-ryan-interview-analysis-diane-17120735","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}