Tim Pawlenty: Mitt Romney 'Will Rock Tonight'

Former Minnesota governor says Romney must explain that "what we have now isn't working."
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Tim Pawlenty: Mitt Romney 'Will Rock Tonight'
There is a guy who. It was part of the next instant and in its -- celebrate about ten minutes. Yeah that was as big big here. Minnesota governor to -- It's it's not get out her desk. -- the -- Well rock. Tonight to be. It AC DC rock or her written like Fred Flintstones and that that -- it's -- that. And does he need to have an AC DC patent that rock -- -- And now if you think of the titles of AC DC signs -- hell's bells. Back to black. He shook me all night long. Those probably don't summarize what -- There well that might -- But do you think about it maybe maybe you overlook -- -- tonight is something not quite EC DC but something that is gonna say to the country. What we have isn't working and I've got a better plan -- tickets which are gonna see -- coming from. Somebody who's backing it up with a lifetime of success and they have any record of actually getting things done with you don't see for Barack Obama. I should also recognize -- -- let -- just drop -- seriously CDC dollar and a thousand that was right at present we did not or. Awarded that there were any musical questions as part of the lineup that you delivered the red meat last night some Google's New Year's that the delivery gets the president. One of -- previous -- mr. McConnell said look. I think the case against Barack Obama has been fairly well made everyone in this room obviously those that might turn on for the case or Mitt Romney had as he -- that -- What ticket number of ways if you look at these undecided or switch -- -- voters the five to 10% of the electorate who hasn't made up their mind still reachable. The number one issue for them still as the economy and that that's right Mitt Romney's real house that's right -- -- sweet spot and he's got an advantage on the issues I think you're gonna see highlight. Briefly of course Barack Obama's failure that regard. But what he could do it has done to get this economy moving again his ideas he's got the credibility do it and secondly. I think you're gonna see him movement towards making sure people understand it's not all just in the head it's also in the heart and in the -- and I think you'll see some of that from him tonight SC. Talks about his relationship with his father in the importance of his -- some of the personal aspects of Mitt Romney's life. It. Personal side like. That -- -- -- completely. Understand. I coined the term Sam's Club Republicans. These these voters who exactly are conservative. But they're not in 81%. Of the economic. Wal-Mart moms who are seeing right now. Now that. He can understand. Well I think what they understand -- it's hard to pay the bill at Wal-Mart -- -- worked for. Kmart if you don't have a job don't have money. And so as they looked at their options here and they see themselves -- their loved ones facing either job loss or economic and security. It security they want to know I can have a job and end at Mitt Romney is somebody who by the way didn't hear his money if you listen carefully. He waved his inheritance and the money he has he made -- -- that we celebrate success of the celebrates people. Making money that's what he's done he's been incredibly generous when it -- -- -- it but I think that that is so called Sam's Club Republicans. The messages which of these candidates is going to be more likely to make it he continued to have her get a good paying job -- -- answer -- as we've seen over the last four years. Isn't Barack Obama and I think -- taken a good look for good reason. -- -- -- Let's look outside look a -- that -- -- the other half of the ticket Paul Ryan he gets to -- from the midwest as large blue collar while upbringing as you have. What is is -- something in in the week that he can connect with voters -- -- that -- -- -- personal story. What is it that you think will work with the white working class voters that are -- key demographic. Well -- NN. Of course that's true but it's also true if you look at -- team -- and Hispanic voters. Their main issue is an immigration navigation is just like everybody else's and I gotta have a job gonna pay for my health care can -- get my kids to college to put gas in the -- can agree to grocery bill. So that message works across. Different voter groups. And secondly all right -- to the table for Somalis upper midwestern background Africa's western perspective a lot of these sweepstakes it. In that region and of course his personal story his personal style. This -- I think connects with people like Justin that had been but got. -- got more than one here he can do the deep policy want stuff -- -- need -- they -- also bring that speak from the heart speak from the gut you saw them last night. It's not -- in my head of the bank account and can't hear -- but maybe somebody could successful. Sorry -- that I'll just get very close to you. Still. I get back inside idea of connecting with those voters we've been talking about which is. Go out there and say I feel your pain for -- need -- -- out there and say. I know -- expects. I think it doesn't work if people try to fake stuff to protect -- manufacture something so I think the worst thing that Mitt Romney could do frankly -- to listen to this chatter and try to going to be something he is. What he should do is go out and be himself beat Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney when people get developments as I have and others have is a kind generous. Funny Smart. Capable gracious man he's a remarkable leader as you've seen as a governor as a businessman as -- turned around. Success with the Olympics but if you also look at his personal life -- companies politicians just -- is John talks about certain values he actually lives. He's a great a wonderful family man he's a loving husband he's -- his kids and his grandkids he's generous with his affect -- -- generous with charities. Cities and fun loving kind gracious man that's -- don't go out try to force that. Just be yourself and it'll come through overtime that's the good news by the -- about longer American elections -- some -- the other elections are -- the world that are monthlong. -- you can do people for a buck that you can't do people for two year. -- and that's why the real candidates about over the course of this long grueling process and that's -- very optimistic about Mitt Romney's chances. I know that it finally that we've -- Everything I appreciate that you do you. Hotel be when that didn't they at least let's do what's it like they didn't -- yet. Who actually. I stayed over in Saint Petersburg preach second this women -- that. -- out Dallas political shark I like us senate across the street at the that the Robinson Pope -- -- gonna let you got at least that extra gift basket. As he checked and how could you not. All right guys and former governor of Minnesota really appreciate you be happy to do it thanks so much for doing it.

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{"id":17120681,"title":"Tim Pawlenty: Mitt Romney 'Will Rock Tonight'","duration":"3:00","description":"Former Minnesota governor says Romney must explain that \"what we have now isn't working.\"","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-tim-pawlenty-mitt-romney-rock-17120681","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}