Romney Campaign Gets Advice From Voters in Ohio

Mitt Romney's supporters in the key battleground state sound off.
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Transcript for Romney Campaign Gets Advice From Voters in Ohio
-- Paul -- kicked -- a bus tour in the crucial battleground state of Ohio. A state where the -- -- shows the president ahead. Only do I like to hunt and fish on fish is a graduate of Miami University Ohio. But there are -- a backseat drivers. In the Republican Party. We. Well. And Republican Party. For many years. From Washington and Wisconsin. An Ohio too where people cutting SC -- -- -- own advice about how to -- here. Romney has to be much stronger in his attack on the present. Continue. Telling people -- and his idea. Strengthen the military. And protect this country from. What's going on in the Middle East and they need to focus on their own campaign as opposed to. Putting down the other opponents I'm tired of hearing him all of TV commercials that are -- as -- saying what there policies are going to be. How they exchanged steamy -- you. Talk a lot of now. The economic recovery. TV they need to talk a lot -- -- Christian. Values and principles. To get out. It's really -- help. -- advancement. What's important about Ohio like everything GOP presidential candidate as -- -- the White House has won it in Lima Ohio to -- launched ABC.

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{"id":17321215,"title":"Romney Campaign Gets Advice From Voters in Ohio","duration":"3:00","description":"Mitt Romney's supporters in the key battleground state sound off.","url":"/Politics/video/romney-campaign-advice-voters-ohio-17321215","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}