Ron Paul: 'We Need More Personal Liberty'

Texas congressman vows to continue his "Restore America Now" campaign.
11:35 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Ron Paul: 'We Need More Personal Liberty'
-- Okay. -- Okay. Thank. You. And I. Okay. -- Thank. -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Well you've been busy as it wins election we win hands down on the -- this is -- this is very very nice and thank you very much for coming out just. Just a little while ago I called -- governor Romney and congratulate him and we had -- Now we. Now. -- we had a friendly conversation. And I I honestly congratulate -- renegade campaign. But also said I would see him there and in the caucus states. It. You know we've we've been having a fantastic trio the end not too long ago few days ago we're up in -- fantastic reception. Team. Today we had three this -- in Colorado they were fantastic. We've we've visited with and we probably had tenant's well over 5000. Today. And I. You know less likely have a few hundred here tonight to say -- He's okay. A. Now I I. You know a few months ago there -- -- -- many candidates are there -- nine -- the war but tonight. Tonight I saw -- statistic we're in third place when it comes to delegates and that's what really like now. That we've only got. And started now the counting. Now and we will spend our time in the caucus states because -- if you but irate tireless minority. You do very well in the conference that. But there's nothing counts that the -- they -- -- -- to be nice if you haven't energized. Group of people that are working in the campaign. And actually believe -- not think it's better Nowak and pockets that. This is what's been so fantastic with the campaign I've been doing a little bit -- campaigning for liberty for a long time. Let me tell you something big is happening in this country and it's all very favorite ball. There's a mess up in Washington they created mess they've given us a lousy foreign policy they've given -- housing -- yet. And they've given us a lousy recession but whether one thing is happening as. Grassroots. People are beginning to realize. That the problem is too much government we need more. -- -- -- The. -- And this is where -- winning the hearts and minds of the people and the numbers -- growing. I tell you what there's -- brush fires that freedom being lit across this country today we don't even know where they are there are so many. But it is being translated into great enthusiasm. And change the change that we need. We don't need to have more government we need to. Get rid of some -- ornery process that the government. We for instance don't think it's about time we have a new monetary policy. Okay. And -- can't drive in. It. Okay. And what we have to invent something new all would have to do is read the constitution -- -- It. But what about a foreign policy we need a -- -- policy but we have to invent -- though all we have to do is read the constitution we need. Strong national in -- we don't need to be the policeman of the world. Okay. Very nice very simply we should reject did not get engaged and any more wars that aren't declared properly and supported by the. And I've I've gotten some advice on the Internet every once and a while the advice is Ronnie -- -- yes changer foreign policy UA get a few court -- If they only -- That this support for the freedom -- it comes with a sound economic and a sound foreign policy that makes sense. Am. I. Very simply very simply it means breaking our troops -- and stopping all these -- declared I. But what this Eyewitness News for our economy I'd like to see all the troops spending their money here at hello and not going over there. But -- -- last ten years fighting these unwinnable on declared wars we've spent over four trillion dollars more in debt debt finance. So there's a cost of life and limb but there's an economic cost is way down and the American people are tired of it and they're ready because they know this country is bankrupt. All great nations go down because they overextend themselves overseas so I would say it's time for I still wake up. Don't wait for an economic crisis to hit when we have to come whipping home. We -- winds up spend our money wisely defend this country. They don't pretend -- Okay. The greatest greatest danger of what we accepted notion that the governments -- to take -- -- from cradle to grave and -- supposed to be the policeman of the world. Is it ultimately is down at the expense of personal liberty. The purpose of all government should be the protection of individual liberty for each and every -- out. We need to reverse that strand on the attack on our civil liberties we need to repeal the Patriot Act we need to repeal. We need -- repeal the provision that the president -- It has the authority to assassinate American citizens without trial. We need to repeal the provision that says the president can. Use the military to arrest any Americans -- anti and I have a trial. Very simply the answer is Santa only people -- Washington sent only people who White House that -- and understand and read the constitution and it. Of course and constipation. Then there would be. -- -- would have all understanding. How you have a peaceful thriving nation -- you enforce the concept of liberty. It forced the liberty for each and every one of us. Equally this brings people together because people will use their liberty in different manners but we don't have to fight over how they use their liberty as long as you assume responsibility for themselves and the consequences of other -- -- It also. It also very simply suggest the fact that if we have a right to our life and our liberty. We should have a right to keep the fruits of our labor as well now. Okay. And. So we don't have to reinvent something we can improve on our past that we had a great -- we had a great constitution we had a great. It's a middle class that richest of the biggest middle class ever in we've undermined it with excessive spending excessive taxation. A monetary system that is flawed and the foreign policy is flawed. So all we have to do is return to our roots and in his short time we could have our peace and our process -- any. And -- our reliance on ourselves -- our personal liberty. Not only has this been a great day for the campaign for liberty and the and this process but it's been a great week for the campaign. And believe me it's been a great pass for years because 56 or seven years ago they really -- know -- -- -- what was happening that would that crisis that yet. Both the economic crisis that we had four years ago. The realization -- -- the significance of our Federal Reserve System as well as -- plot point policy -- people know about it. There are awakening to this they're listening to this -- it is up has to do something about it. The message is loud and clear the enthusiasm -- -- but it has to be translated into proper political action. That means attending the caucuses in send a powerful message that this country that we want our freedoms back we don't want more government. Thank you very --

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{"id":15485098,"title":"Ron Paul: 'We Need More Personal Liberty'","duration":"11:35","description":"Texas congressman vows to continue his \"Restore America Now\" campaign. ","url":"/Politics/video/ron-paul-personal-liberty-15485098","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}