Ryan Call on the Issues Impacting Colorado Voters

RNC 2012: Colorado GOP Chairman says Mitt Romney needs to keep focus on jobs, economy.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Ryan Call on the Issues Impacting Colorado Voters
Bryant aren't all that trader handled its chairman of the Republican Party and in fact -- value. We are just sitting here few minutes that would George will. The winds that. It's election what's the -- he's that. He's spa all right so. Why that is going to be -- Well does not need to -- Air there it seems many people -- demographic an -- -- Well I'll take -- Colorado is important pivotal street straight after Ohio and Florida Colorado finds itself in the old. Electoral College math at that -- that must win state for either camp. The issues that are impacting Colorado issues that are important to our voters really in many ways the same issues that are impacting around the country. But among Hispanics among women and about young people those are the issues and and jobs -- the economy that really focusing our efforts on. We have better among -- -- done. He does need to -- better and we are making significant strides within. That that those members of our community. That issues of entrepreneurship up about creating opportunities for education especially as it relates to current status of -- Economy had jobs. That's the contrast that Mitt Romney Paul Ryan bring -- to the table -- detailed record of Barack Obama. Give me a sense of that the temperature in your delegation right now how are they on Mitt Romney one to ten. I'd say probably about an eight actually over the last few days in particular we're seeing a real sense of of unification. Everybody really understands the stakes. That we're facing Colorado and they are incredibly high. Did you see. Your getting quite the fact that Mitt Romney -- but pocketed in Colorado. It's not a surprise and would send them. Is that about. That was exactly that -- he had overwhelmingly won the caucuses back in 2000 makers -- he had that base of support -- Colorado found itself very early in the primary contest. And I think the grass roots activists of our state in many ways of speaking on behalf. -- a lot of grassroots thing we want you to be talking about substantive important issues. And that's what this election is going to be about and that's why I think the only place to -- Paul Ryan's strengths that's a big election about -- things so what what would your advice to me. An eagle for eight tanger -- What ought -- I think needs to be -- doing. Keep doing exactly what he has to keep that focus directly on issues of jobs the economy obviously we heard -- have yesterday. -- Respond -- campaign for noble goal -- very far away. Persuade over a lot of those women voters have to Colorado if you can be successful. Those. That -- fifty. Colorado and they. Senator Bennett -- two years ago instead. The reason that -- that race was it the issue of abortion and they were able to make that key issue for those women voters. Obviously can replicate that this -- they're spending a lot of time on an issue. Against. Rhine and Romney how effective is it. To those attacks are really -- I mean this is a guy who was being accused in recent primary being too moderate -- so for the Democrats to try to turn that on its head. And making him into some sort of extremist. It just doesn't stick he's he's too nice -- -- credible his character just comes through. In a way -- those kinds of attacks are just not -- -- And again his strengths are dealing with nations that are most important. To the people of the state of Colorado jobs the economy had really getting ourselves back. On the part of that of course wouldn't -- be --

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{"id":17111906,"title":"Ryan Call on the Issues Impacting Colorado Voters","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Colorado GOP Chairman says Mitt Romney needs to keep focus on jobs, economy.","url":"/Politics/video/ryan-call-issues-impacting-colorado-voters-17111906","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}