McCain Says Obama Hurt Negotiations

President Obama's midday event during "fiscal cliff" negotiations angers the GOP.
3:57 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for McCain Says Obama Hurt Negotiations
I watched other president's. Address crises. The way that they were able to address them and resolves them with presidential leadership and that's why are we elect presidents to lead. They did it by calling the leaders of both parties to the White House -- around the table and -- the negotiations. And the discussions and they are. Sometimes concessions have to be made. Compromises have to be made. So what to the press United States just do. Well he kind of make funny made a couple of jokes laughed about how people are going to be here for New Year's. To sent a message of confrontation. To the Republicans I believe he said if they think they're gonna do that than they've got another thought coming. I guess I have to wonder. And I think the American people have to wonder. What does -- president really wants. This issue resolved. Or is it to his short term political benefit. For us to go over the cliff I can assure the -- the United States. I can assure. That historians judge presidents by their achievement. Now we all read the polls we all Republicans know what is in the polls and that is the majority of the American people fifty some percent. Support that he had to approve -- the -- United States we also see the approval ratings of congress 1011129. 15% whatever it is I -- -- -- that high lately. But historians judge presidents by what happens on their watch. And for the president to go out and make comments which clearly. Which clearly will antagonized members of the house. We -- -- camel. Government here. And clearly antagonize them because once we get an agreement -- -- And appreciate. The negotiations have been going on here in the senate. Between the majority leader and Republican leader. Fact is that whatever is done whatever -- agreed to -- to be ratified. By the house representatives. Men and women who were elected. On the premise promising their constituents that they would raise taxes. -- out whether they should have made that commitment or not whether that was the right thing to do. The fact is that that's what they -- so the president basically. In his talk to whoever it is with that group of people -- Was talking to who were laughing and cheering and applauding. As we are on the brink of this. Of this collapse. But this incredible. Problem this creates for men and women all over. All of our citizens so. What he was saying is to the Republicans. On both sides of the aisle but particularly in the -- -- and -- take it or leave it. That's not to -- president should lead. This vicious these are draconian effects now whether we should be at this -- or not is another discussion for. The scholars in years to come but we are where we are. -- good discussions are going on how they -- and the middle of the night last night. So -- -- United States doing in the middle of this is to hopefully they're reaching there was only so I understand it a very one. Major. Issue remaining. He comes out and -- it would get it hasn't groups and behind him laughs and jokes and ridiculous Republicans what is god. Why would the press United States want to do that.

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{"id":18102599,"title":"McCain Says Obama Hurt Negotiations","duration":"3:57","description":"President Obama's midday event during \"fiscal cliff\" negotiations angers the GOP.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-john-mccain-obama-hurt-negotiations-18102599","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}