Sen. John McCain Seeks Return to Global Leadership for U.S.

RNC 2012: 2008 presidential candidate says America's global status is at stake in this election.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Sen. John McCain Seeks Return to Global Leadership for U.S.
-- the man whose arena this was before Senator John McCain. It's an honor as always my fellow Republicans. To join you -- our national convention and add my voice Steelers. As we nominate the next president of the United States my friend. Governor Mitt Romney. I had I had hopes -- Of addressing you under different circumstances. Our fellow Americans had another plan for years ago when I accept their decision. I've been blessed. For so long. To play a role in our nation's affairs and I'm conscious. Only of the dead. I over America. And I thank you for the honor. We nominate Mitt Romney. We do so with a greater purpose than winning an advantage for our party. We charge him with a terrible hire cars. His election represents the best hopes for our country and the world. It is said. That this election won't turn on domestic and economic issues. Would like Mitt Romney knows and what we know. -- the success. At home also depends. On our leadership in the world. It is our willingness to shape world events for the better. That is kept -- safe. Increased our prosperity. Preserved our liberty and transform human history. At our best America has led. We have led by -- example. As a shining city on the hill. We have -- -- that direction of patriots from both parties. We have -- shoulder to shoulder with steadfast friends and allies. We have -- By giving voice to the voiceless. Insisting. That every human life has dignity. And aiding those brave souls who risked everything. To secure the inalienable rights that are -- down. To -- by our creator. We have. We -- -- generous hearts. Moved by an abiding love of justice. To help others eradicate disease lift themselves from poverty -- live under laws of their own making. And determine their own destinies. We have led. When necessary with the armed might of freedom's defenders. And always we have -- lead from upfront and never from Bob. This is what makes America an exceptional nation. It's not just a matter of who we are. It's a record. Of what we have done. It is a responsibility. The generation after generations of Americans has affirmed and carried forward. It is a cause. That many Americans who have sacrificed everything. Absolutely. Everything to defend. And win they've gone in the battle -- they do today. They have done so with the conviction. That the country that sent them there is worth their sacrifice and it stands for something more. Than the -- of our individual interest may god bless all who have served all who serve today. -- -- has blessed us with -- service. We are now being tested by an array of threats that are more complex. More numerous and justice deeply. And deadly as I can recall in my lifetime. We face. A consequential. Choice and make no mistake it is a choice. We can choose to follow -- declining path. Toward a future that is -- and more dangerous than our past. Are we can choose to reform our failing government revitalize our ailing economy. And renewed the foundations of our power. And leadership in the world. That is what's at stake in this election. Unfortunately. For four years. For four years. We've drifted away from our proudest traditions. Of global leadership. Traditions that are truly bipartisan. We've let the challenges we face both at home and abroad become much harder to solve. We can't afford to stay on that course any longer. We can't afford -- cause our friends and allies from Latin America to Europe Asia to the Middle East. And especially in Israel a nation under existential threat. To doubt America's leadership.

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{"id":17110365,"title":"Sen. John McCain Seeks Return to Global Leadership for U.S.","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: 2008 presidential candidate says America's global status is at stake in this election.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-john-mccain-seeks-return-global-leadership-us-17110365","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}