Sen. Sessions on Death of Gadhafi, Budget Talks

Senator weighs in on Gadhafi's death, also talks budget and food stamps.
3:00 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Sen. Sessions on Death of Gadhafi, Budget Talks
OK we Begin today's discussion -- on capitol -- that and I few moments ago talked to senator Jeff Sessions Republican from Alabama the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee hears that. Senator sessions thank you for being here on top line and we want to get to the budget and spending in a moment but first I want your reaction to the news that. Moammar Gadhafi apparently killed this morning is this a victory for president Obama's foreign policy in her mind. Well I -- is a victory for justice. You know you live by the sword you die by the sword and he's -- about people we've seen you moderated some in recent years. But. I do believe that. We have an opportunity and we can hope. That this country is going to be a lot better and so could be a victory for the world I guess it would be. But you're on the armed services committee the US instituted a no -- -- -- certainly helped. That the rebel forces now the transitional authority. Do you do you think that policy was needed. And ended President Obama do the right thing -- and getting it out there when He did. Well a Senator McCain and Senator John Kerry called on him to impose -- from. Free no fly zone much earlier -- -- waiting. It does appear that that allowed Qaddafi to regain a foothold ends his strength and it took a lot longer a lot more people die. So I think any real criticism could be. That He did not follow. Immediately the bipartisan recommendation. Senator Kerry and McCain. It was just an oddly conducting the enterprise trying to make but -- ended hopefully Indians and a and a good way and we celebrate that and and I'm not criticize the president throughout this is. It's a tough thing to have to make those decisions but. If anything I think they could've moved quicker and less it would have been more successful sooner. All right senator let's move to the budget items obviously the president out there making the case for individual pieces pieces. Of the jobs bill a lot of those as we know are not start is with Republicans but there are a couple things. That it might actually get some sway -- you see yourself supporting a payroll tax cut an infrastructure bank those are pretty big chunks of what the president's talking. Well I don't will have to look at all of them and I'm not aren't convinced that all. That this borrowing money and everything that comes to money into the economy. Rick you have to know is bar. So we've been borrowing so we can stand today. And I don't believe that is working believe you can't show we got anything like that kind of boost out of the first stimulus bill that was promised. In matter of fact I think it's costing more then we benefited already. So I am very dubious about the idea of more debt. We've got to reduce our debt that debt is a detriment I blanket over the entire economy. And -- them all we dig that hole deeper the hard to get out of but what about the payroll. Tax cut that actually puts more money in the in the hands of Americans. I know I know I was treated just put even more. When you need to write that -- totally eliminate the payroll tax wouldn't it be great to do so but this is the money that funds Social Security. Always have how do we keep the money and -- -- the government borrows money that put into the Social Security trust fund. To fill back and -- money that's not paid any anymore. All are being -- south. This is a dangerous trend it weakens social security and Ricans weakens a trust fund concept I don't think we can continue I wish we could. I really wish we had the money to be able to do that but I concluded we just can't keep borrowing to spin. The senator this poor economy has persisted for years now. Did the number of people on food stamps getting -- from the government. To help them buy food to just get by has gone from I think 26. Million people took 46 million people. -- that you have have a proposal that would. Make it more difficult for people to get -- things is that the right thing to do right now. No program in our government has surged out of control more dramatically than food stamps and nothing is being done -- About it nobody's looking under the -- It will it it has doubled in the last three years it has -- -- Drupal. From twenty billion to eighty billion in the last ten years when it started it was one in fifty. People on the food stamp program now -- 21 in -- Lottery winners a multi million dollar lottery winners are getting food stamps because the money is considered to be an asset nominee and -- One of the fast and furious gun buyers is spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying illegal weapons. With a whole -- for -- -- I'm for free. -- for every lottery -- that has food stamps there's probably a lot more people who really need and that happened -- Well look do you think there for ten -- many people need food stamps today as they did and in 2001. That -- that they did -- this year they're proposing another 14%. Increase in food stamps. Without any real reform. To understand how ideas. That it surge so dramatically. We cannot do this we don't have the money if congress doesn't understand. That we can't continue to double the food stamp program every three years. They don't understand now. Deep believe we are impacted -- the debt that debt is already. Pulling down economic growth costing jobs -- people working with the jobs not are receiving food stamp. All right senator Jeff Sessions Republican from Alabama top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee thanks for being on top -- really appreciate it. Thank you.

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{"id":14780890,"title":"Sen. Sessions on Death of Gadhafi, Budget Talks ","duration":"3:00","description":"Senator weighs in on Gadhafi's death, also talks budget and food stamps. ","url":"/Politics/video/sen-sessions-death-gadhafi-budget-talks-14780890","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}