Sen. Rand Paul in TSA Pat-Down Standoff

The Kentucky senator's office say he was detained at Nashville airport.
2:22 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Sen. Rand Paul in TSA Pat-Down Standoff
Now trying to get. The biggest piece of my career has -- 200000. The march for life on the -- Here slain early hand. Some kind of scandal at all and I offer the show's final -- in fact that they killed my -- repeatedly that they didn't really care about collective lives. It's built back in this case. And they said. Talking -- -- that the body treatment. The full body pat down I think it also -- come -- -- -- -- -- -- Was -- -- -- -- for a lot of I think it's an indignity of going -- does not make it safer. And I've been asking pistol while we have to do random pat -- I suspect -- -- of -- random act now. Machine that coming into Iraq she now. Why wait them out a way back machine and -- I think that people live show. Tends to travel through parts of the world. It might be a threat to our country. In the interview normally should spend on them but regular you know my brother went -- quality air force academy class three times a week. We don't pick out -- trusted traveler program in ten years ago. Senator do you still feel that by raising the question in the first place you were treated differently. I don't know at the end of and they said that wasn't going to be allowed to be rescreening but in the end it rescreening. -- tax our -- or not for me in particular for everybody. If you don't do very -- ten year old daughter here we'll -- daughter goes through. And like because often you think it's an error and you don't want to look -- -- and down. I think -- get wall back there and takes an act of congress to get him to do anything because they're still doing random pat -- that's that's the still doubtful. -- goodness I suspect. The scanner actually is randomly. Setting off an alarm that's not a -- alarmed your major. Like it's something wrong and that you get pat down -- I suspected some of the TSA people told me this and Nashville. Is that -- monitors going off and that there otherwise while he'll -- in the village just get. And ten minutes later there is no problem.

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{"id":15423001,"title":"Sen. Rand Paul in TSA Pat-Down Standoff","duration":"2:22","description":"The Kentucky senator's office say he was detained at Nashville airport.","url":"/Politics/video/senator-rand-paul-in-tsa-pat-down-standoff-15423001","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}