Sens. Klobuchar and Grassley find some common ground in Trump's agenda

ABC News' Ali Rogin joins the Senate colleagues and friends to hear where they have been able to reach across the aisle.
5:04 | 06/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sens. Klobuchar and Grassley find some common ground in Trump's agenda
Despite nor similarities in a lot of ways and the things that you work together on. Some areas where there have been differences in policy views when it comes to mind that was big last year was the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. You were on different sides of that issues that Tommy about. What that was like and why you are still able to despite nor. Your differences of opinions on things like that you're able to maintain. A working relationship and that and a friendship. Well because you put those differences aside and work together when you work together where you disagree there's disagreements. But even those disagreements. That you were mentioning about the Supreme Court is an example those are things you talk about. And and I honestly disagree. But do you still work together on other things it is going keep people from. Accomplish and what needs to be a conflict. It. Yeah I think for me that was a big deal I would have liked move ahead with hearings that really clear but then. When that is done after making things are you gonna just continue. At the fight over every issue argue agreeing with Mike in these rule. That 80% of the issues maybe you can find common ground 80% of the time. And that's what we tried to do. I think it's important that we have debates because the American people have to decide what they think about certain nominees are what they think about. Direction the country Chico and the problem right now on saying obvious angry in. Yelling and and that angry rhetoric he actually the American people this ability to. Here. Some other real issues because everything gets clouded in angry tweets as opposed and that. Nice. Chuck Grassley tunes like does seem geared at the that was my one. You know I think that at our town meetings in the in this issue. Why he don't cooperate with the Republicans Democrats. More often and I always tried to explain to him that you don't like have already today. If you don't have some cooperation office market dot. But it's because in journalism endured journalism so you ought to illness. Controversy makes no soldier disc if if it me and I were fighting all the time. You'd read it in Minnesota and I won't newspapers all the tribal when you get along. Doesn't make you know so people get a distorted view. A vote of the lack of cooperation. And I think there are some areas that we could move ahead on together right now prescription threats being one of them. This isn't just something few people are talking about a lot of the public's talking about it now. Funding for roads and bridges. Things like that I'm hopeful something we can do moron workforce training really in our state it is where the unemployment rate is slower. She just mentioned three areas where the president has positions that would get bipartisan support prescription drugs infrastructure. Things of that nature and workforce improvement and. I'm now while that all is true we don't want to sugarcoat it again and say that you know. There's bipartisan agreement on. Everything obviously right now there's an discussion on health care how to accomplish that and they're seem to be pretty deep divides we have to get into policy discussion but. I'm wondering what it what do you think about that the disagreements seem to insist there. I think right now there. From my perspective we could have agreement on changes that need to be may be Affordable Care Act you know exchanges were having. Issues in both of our states. Some of the small business rates the that prices for prescription drugs from my issue right now is that we don't. Know what this bill is that the Republicans are working habits behind closed doors and that's why the Democrats are really. Pushing this right now as we think the public should have a right to know. When you talk you look at that house bill that. President just called mean. Checked out was pretty Edward. We don't want have bill like that the site. There's no Republicans say that they know more than she knows because it's often been put on paper yet. And lowered its kind of a deal where we're not going to have an agreement so there's an agreement on everything I'm George artwork talk about. One section and T got that second third fourth and fifth and maybe the hundreds section agreed to. Because you've got to make sure that you've got something on paper that you moved way. But I hopefully both she and I won't know very soon exactly what that bill is and the only difference maybe between her. And I am on this point is is a Republican senators we have some import into what. And Democrats to be listened to anytime they want to but I think maybe perhaps. They see some allegiance to lose their health. The Affordable Care Act did the don't see that the same way we do was creating problems more than health problems.

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{"id":48134961,"title":"Sens. Klobuchar and Grassley find some common ground in Trump's agenda","duration":"5:04","description":"ABC News' Ali Rogin joins the Senate colleagues and friends to hear where they have been able to reach across the aisle.","url":"/Politics/video/sens-klobuchar-grassley-find-common-ground-trumps-agenda-48134961","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}