Sept. 28, 1995: Rabin, Arafat sign accord at the White House

The Israeli prime minister and Palestine Liberation Organization leader sign an accord establishing Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank.
3:28 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Sept. 28, 1995: Rabin, Arafat sign accord at the White House
At the White House today the Israeli and Palestinian leaders have signed an agreement setting in motion the second stage of their peace process. Ten days are now the Israeli army will begin withdrawing. From six major Palestinian population centers on the West Bank. That the Israelis have occupied for more than a quarter of a century here's ABC's review. This morning the president and vice president hosted an unprecedented Oval Office gathering. Palestinian leader Arafat and Egyptian President Mubarak joined by Jordan's king Hussein and Israeli prime minister Rabin. But the agreement they were here to sign and witness was not quite finished. And mr. Clinton had to take ravine and Arafat aside while they ironed out a last minute detail. On the timing of Israel's withdrawal from the West Bank. That's done the signing ceremony went forward it may have lacked the drama and demotion of Rabin and Arafat's historic handshake here. Two years and two weeks ago. But this voluminous document gradually establishing Palestinian self rule in the West Bank goes much farther toward the Palestinian goal of an independent state. Arafat again declared his commitment to what he calls the peace of the brave. And enforce swearing the violence that still plagues the region he echoed Rabin's famous cry here two years ago enough. Enough of blood and tears the Julio but they didn't. And Madden it is leaning yet from this day on. We do not want to see. Any ways to all. Or threat to. Any innocent Palestinian life or any of them and to send Israeli life. Enough killing. And enough. Killing of Anniston people. Rabin noted the extraordinary gathering of leaders representing Arabs and Israelis and their allies this side UC. UC before Liu at this moment. Was impossible. Was unthinkable. Just two EU's. But an old group will be used to be complete their beat Steve lips to be who. The president of Syria. And the president of Levin known. Syria of course is the key factor in that equation and it's negotiations with Israel have proved very difficult. But so where the talks with the Palestinians which ended here today in an agreement much of the world thought it would never see. Brit Hume ABC news the White House. But the Palestinians get as a result of this agreement is the Palestinian interim self government authority. Much port important for many Palestinians as their belief that this is an important step towards full Palestinian statehood. Now that the Palestinians have a defined entity however small in the west bank and the Gaza Strip they could proceed to elect the president and the parliament. The Palestinian civil service will collect taxes and issue passports. They will have their own courts and their own police. Palestinians will broadcast in listen to the news free of Israeli censorship now. They can license their own banks and conduct independent trade. The symbolism of all this is enormous to many Palestinians. Even if it all does still depend on not alienating the larger Israeli infantry. Which surrounds.

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{"id":49828651,"title":"Sept. 28, 1995: Rabin, Arafat sign accord at the White House","duration":"3:28","description":"The Israeli prime minister and Palestine Liberation Organization leader sign an accord establishing Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank.\n","url":"/Politics/video/sept-28-1995-rabin-arafat-sign-accord-white-49828651","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}