A Slice of Pie on the Campaign Trail

On National Pi(e) Day, look back at the presidential candidates who love pie.
1:46 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for A Slice of Pie on the Campaign Trail
Paul we've heard the presidential candidates talk about -- this past week. -- when it comes to -- in presidential politics. There is nothing more mayor and that apple. And I the biggest -- -- Apple -- that I Pittsburgh tonight. Michelle Bachmann gave -- high 200 year old women at a Lincoln day dinner in Iowa last August. And Rick Perry marveled at coconut cream pie a few miles from the field of dreams in December and -- We -- even president Obama's gotten into the high business sharing -- with highs in 2008. And yet again in this election -- And don't forget about Chris Christie and his talk high series endorsement of Mitt Romney in October. I know that Mitt Romney believes. That the American -- can be grown bigger. For national hiding clean air way to new -- shop at Georgetown just a few miles from where what at this year's presidential hopefuls will wind up in November. Rid of my sisters -- -- lately. -- that Ali -- is on what is happening. The sisters learn how to bake -- from their mother. And the family tradition makes highs -- American. And ultimately the -- And as you know America. Everyone coming -- in different areas different parts of the world. It's been here forever and -- line. I don't really. There's hot seller the -- And people violence the store every day for a taste of their key -- kind misses her started visiting local farms for Britain's children a tradition that continues today. After having been keeping -- that there is going to -- on being able to support the local farmers and -- -- I would -- presidential candidates we had a chance. -- -- -- couple if that -- me. How highly they can really listening.

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{"id":15918948,"title":"A Slice of Pie on the Campaign Trail","duration":"1:46","description":"On National Pi(e) Day, look back at the presidential candidates who love pie.","url":"/Politics/video/slice-pie-campaign-trail-15918948","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}