Social Polling App Rates 2012 Candidates

CEO of "Floop" says the iPhone app spurs conversations about candidates.
3:00 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Social Polling App Rates 2012 Candidates
-- move now from from the the Byzantine world of FEC reports and domain names. To hand hand held devices and Smartphones and joining us from New York is Richard Schultz from fluke. They are downloadable app they're growing but Richard welcome the program. Albeit -- I'm not always the first person understand these things and in this case I really don't understand what flute is gonna do form. Well it's great to be here this afternoon thanks for having me -- is on the leading edge of a monumental shift. In social networking I think if we look at the election four years ago in 2008. And we look at the use of social networking who's really a one way conversation. We're candidates will be able to put out a message in a matter may not be heard by an audience and over the last four years we've seen that evolution. Where the conversations have become more collaborative and global. And people are getting on -- they're interested in talking with their friends -- with the communities think about different issues and different candidates. And -- -- a hand held app which is at the forefront of that movement and allows people to share opinions and experiences. Around topics be it a specific candidate. Or they occupy Wall Street movement. We've seen this shift in other areas for instance the Arab spring was largely driven by social networking as a tool for that sort of public collaboration. So no longer is this sort of opinion. Simply relegated to. Very few chosen folks that we get to watch on TV it's really -- something that the population in general can collaborate on so tell us. So works in practice somebody watching the debate tonight LV LV tweeting -- lot slung over There's going to be a just and means of information thousands upon thousands if not millions of tweets generated as a result of this to -- people -- on FaceBook. How can you harness that and -- that that outpouring of people that want to interact over how does play out in Iraq. So we organize things specifically around topics and events so you'll go to -- which is available on the iPhone iPad -- OS platforms. And you it. Log -- to the event which was about tonight's debate and you'd immediately to be presented with a variety of views you'd be able to see a graph. Moving up and down representing sentiment as the candidates are -- so it's not just a -- conversation. You actually get to watch. The sentiment in real time. As the candidates talk about a variety of events -- -- gives immediate feedback on what your friends are thinking about something. We even show you what people near you are thinking about different topics what's important to them so it gives you -- very broad slice. Of the population in general people or. Paying specific event attention to the event as it's going on. How representative sampling do you think you get -- -- -- just physicians can indeed the new gadget folks who have Smartphones there is again -- penetrate through the you know all a larger portion of society if it. I think what we're seeing in the evolution of social networking here is that it will play a critical role not just today but in the election and when He twelfth. For instance the people who are going to town hall meetings and and occupy Wall Street protests are largely the people who have the most free time to be able to do those things. In contrast the number of people are getting on social networks and expressing these sort of opinions and hearing them. Is exponentially larger than the number people showing up in person -- the momentum that underlies these sort of movements can be seen. Not just in social networking but in the -- platform we actually broke a record last night. In terms of the number of -- backs on the occupy Wall Street movements. And it's very interesting David to be able to collect to be able to see what people in New York thing -- people in other areas of the country. Well what are you learning -- -- occupy Wall Street what one of the lessons using -- -- -- out there about the perceptions whether it's comparative or just generally what are people saying out there that it has been picked up by us in the press. -- very interesting question that was posed on -- I would say about a week ago. Was what actually are the protesters. Interested in getting out of the protest that is what are -- protesting for. In specific. And what was extraordinary interest to give us is -- -- there wasn't concise answer to this most people understood it to -- movement. That was going to get avoid expert. But not necessarily any sort of understanding of what they wanted the resulting outcome -- look like or where they're expected it to go and I think that's sort of if you will positive momentum about around group's thinking about collaboration. It is a very. Logical and positive step. In the evolution of these sort of movements let's all get together acknowledge that there are some sort of issues that we'd like to discuss and make progress on. And then let Saddam and organize -- and try to make progress on. It can be an extraordinarily effective as a means of moving forward and I do expect these sort of vehicles to play a large role in the upcoming elections. All right Richard -- the CEO and founder of -- you check out their -- and we'll be checking it out during the debate tonight thanks so much for being here on top -- great thanks for having. Chris you need an appetite that -- Wall Street isn't exactly sure what their what they're after here but it is accusing the CI can't watch these debates anymore without -- -- open somewhere. Spread He almost rather have the Twitter screen then the TV that's of the top one average financially Beimel will be here tomorrow and -- -- want to. Today despite that attempt -- -- -- will not boycotted page text oddities in the south.

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{"id":14761930,"title":"Social Polling App Rates 2012 Candidates","duration":"3:00","description":"CEO of \"Floop\" says the iPhone app spurs conversations about candidates.","url":"/Politics/video/social-polling-app-rates-2012-candidates-14761930","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}