Spicer doesn't know if Trump has seen Senate health care bill

The bill will be revealed on Thursday.
1:28 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for Spicer doesn't know if Trump has seen Senate health care bill
Residency programs your vote. I don't know that that's I know that there was some chatter today. I know the president has been on the phone extensively with the leader. And with key senators I don't know he's seen the legislation or not but I know that they've been working extremely hard. And the president has been giving his input and has ideas feedback to them. And he's very excited about where the scenes at. I don't I know that they are up there working hand in glove with and so to the extent that it's I don't even know you don't act. Where where. Where we aren't as a final plan I know that the staff has been working very closely with the leader staff with senate finance and others so. I don't want to get ahead of an announcement on senator McConnell saying when that when that final practiced on. So I will refer you back to him I think the president clearly wants a bill that has heart he. Believes that's health care is something that is near and dear to so many families and individuals. He made it clear from the beginning that those that was one of its priorities and as the senate works its way through this palace ousted. Any ideas are welcome to strengthen it to make it. More affordable more accessible and deliver the care that it needs but this is an area that the president believes actions if he cares. He understands the role that health care plays in so many people's lives and their families. And he wants to make sure that we do everything we can't provide the best option form as obamacare continues. To fail.

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{"id":48163297,"title":"Spicer doesn't know if Trump has seen Senate health care bill","duration":"1:28","description":"The bill will be revealed on Thursday.","url":"/Politics/video/spicer-trump-senate-health-care-bill-48163297","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}