State of the Union: The Tea Party Response

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain delivers response to President Obama.
0:41 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for State of the Union: The Tea Party Response
I am deeply honored. To have been asked to provide. That team already citizens' response. To the State of the Union Address. Admitted you've just heard from President Obama. Now minute people probably Tea Party people and they don't know. Because if you believe in less taxes. Less government. The free market system. More individual responsibility. And in force in the constitution. You -- Tea Party person. But you may not know. A lot of the but don't know that -- -- Tea Party people. Because the political elites. As well as the media -- Have -- -- margin -- this movement. It will not be denied. It it stronger. And growing as much as ever before. In the president's speech tonight we heard. Mall way though. Stripped -- rhetoric. We heard more proclamations. Of how way oh we of Dylan in certain areas. We heard more promises. Of work and -- on various problems. We heard more class warfare. Where the president and his administration steel. Wants to manipulate the tax code and pay -- of them loses. Reward Saddam. An open up new loopholes but of those. We heard more excuses. And blame. And a tax on businesses. A tax on congress. But what they have not done. In a word. I've heard this speech and came across that the hot spot. Of little idea. No big ideas. That would fundamentally change. How -- worked in -- it. No big idea. That would dramatically. Impact job growth and economic growth in this country. Now let me tell you what we did not hear. We did not hear. The real facts. About the state of the union. Facts. Don't -- Here's some of the facts you did not hear. Unemployment. -- of unemployment rate was reported to be eight point backers -- it. But if you add in the people who have been -- -- -- -- that they'll stop look in and they had discouraged. And you add in the eight million people of that up on that employ. The real rate of unemployment. It's 18%. As a matter -- how you -- count. Economic growth. Our economic growth in the last three years as being a name -- In 2011. Alone. It was less than 2%. You we were really in a recovery. How would GDP growth should be around percent program. And best video. Only half. Of what countries like China or experience. In terms of -- economic growth. Gasoline prices -- up almost double. What they -- when President Obama. Took office. Why. It's real simple. We have not we do not. Eight cohesive. Common sense. Energy independence strategy. We did not hear. About how Obama care. Is coming up short. Of what the president and his administration out that it would it -- -- polls that kept bringing down health care costs. It has not. It was a balls that helped keep up issuance costs down it did not. Hundreds and hundreds of companies. Are asking the waivers. In audit of -- but it attic heat back up these shows and that they. -- -- if they convert all but -- Obama care. They won't be able to afford it they may not be able to provide up -- shipments. To -- employees at all. Obama -- simply needs to be repealed. Because -- because it was pull -- down our throats to Begin -- We also did not year. About the out of control spin. -- one national debt. It is now or will it team tree in -- And the president. It's already asking for another one point two trillion -- -- to add on to that. -- national debt -- com a national disgrace. Allow me to put in and another suspect. In nineteen night and that. My first grandchild bull. In 1990 and that. But national debt but every man woman and child -- -- in this country. Was twenty nearly 21000. Out. New year's day of this year. -- fourth grandchild -- The day he was bowl on. New Year's Day 2000 -- -- People he took his first breath. That debt that every man woman and child the debt that he inherited. Nearly 50000. -- And it appears as the if there is no in inside. Worse yet. Our national debt. Exceeds. Our GDP -- We'll start in the look just like. Some at a European countries. That are facing a -- -- That's not where the American people. Want custody. But that's where we are. Because the -- that spending has not stopped. And the economic engine of this country. Has not taken -- And so I say in response. -- -- of the Tea Party. And -- people across this country with all due respect Mr. President. Some -- -- not stupid. The state of the union. Is not good. We want common sense solutions. That's how we do it out -- watch it. And we happen to believe that we need more common sense solutions in -- watch it. The American people the -- people. We know. That this nation its broke. Not almost broke. It is broke. And Washington is broken. We can't -- -- a way to prosperity. Even though the president continues to the polls. Ideas -- more spending more agencies and more -- is on top of the mobile bloated government that we already am. We also can't tax our way out -- bet. Not until we get this economy growing. The president didn't talk a lot about that. Because that's what's -- in in this equation in the big scheme of things. The people of this collected about talked to a listened to in the Tea Party people that I've worked with the scene. They believe that we deserve better. We deserve better than what we -- Why. Because American Indians and exceptional nation. We deserve. A -- -- and simpler. Tax -- Many of the changes that the president talked about the night. Let's do manipulating around the ages but the benefit of psalm. And of that lack of a benefit -- -- We need a bold. Tax code a -- solution. That starts we will throw it out the current tax code that we head. And put it in a structure that's fair to everyone equally. Fair and treats all businesses that same. Could have a structure. That would not allow the politicians in Washington. To -- and pick the winners and the loses. We deserve -- energy independence plane. Made in America it's possible. If we maps and map all about what image of resources right here at home. We deserve. A balanced budget period. We have been on this path of spending for decades -- And our elected leaders included the president have got -- get serious about -- balance budget. We deserve. A government that listens to its people. Rather than a government -- Knowles its -- We deserve. A -- military. Not a weakening military. The people of this country. Believe a net profit below peace through -- and clarity. But yet. On that this administration. Our military. Has been cut and cut and cut. We desired. A brighter future. For -- grand children. In stated. Of the night -- and every -- we are facing. That the president. Is in denial. We desires. As a nation. To put the word -- Back in -- States of America. Mr. President. Stop the class warfare. Discourage you'll circuits from making racial innuendoes. Stop the attacks -- business. Stop the attacks on citizens. By making government to be. And -- the president most of all stop the blame game. You know it was 17783. When the colonists. Got fed up with -- -- it's and the brits. And act act that defines. Both the Boston Tea Party. In 1773. Two years later. We at the start of the American revolution. Eight years later. We won't. We can do it again. We need another revolution. This time it will not be about bombs and bullets. It's going to be about brains. And ballots. At the ballot box. Washes and is out of touch with the people. We -- there are times they put yet. They worked for us. We must remind him. We the people economy. That's the Tea Party message. To Washington. The president and his administration. We the people upcoming. And we know. That we are up against the -- -- But this is why the Tea Party movement. Will become not a single -- Trying to slay -- -- We will be an army of Davids. The Tea Party movement is alive and whale. And contrary to what the media elites. And the establishment -- you to believe. It is gone to continue to read -- the political landscape. In 2000 and -- We the people economy. We want. Our Powell back. Thank you for listening. God is -- America. Jill and the movement. I'm --

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{"id":15435509,"title":"State of the Union: The Tea Party Response","duration":"0:41","description":"Former presidential candidate Herman Cain delivers response to President Obama.","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-tea-party-response-15435509","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}