Teacher shows off LGBT pride in photo with Trump

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's stances on LGBT issues.
5:19 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for Teacher shows off LGBT pride in photo with Trump
church too. Speaking of epiphanys a Rhode Island teacher went viral because he wanted to quote, be visibly queer to celebrate who he was. If he doesn't care why doesn't he acknowledge it's pride month? Because he doesn't care. I care one way or the other. And his policy a anti-gay. I think people around him influence him more. And Mike pence scares me with his policies. I think because Donald Trump doesn't worry about this, he just doesn't care, he's not helping. To be fair, before he was president, he spoke out about the bathroom bill and said that Caitlyn Jenner could use whatever bathroom she wanted to use at trump power. He only meant her. He didn't mean everybody else. I think he doesn't care as a human being, I don't think he cares. I think he's personally -- I think he personally is suppo supportive of lgbtq rights and he's not thinking in his head -- he's thinking I support this. But he's not thinking people are looking and saying this is hypocritical. Be supportive through your policy. He's got this group of people, 35% of the Republican party who adore him, no matter what he does they love him. That's who he's talking to. He doesn't care about everybody else. Are those people not in favor of just basic human rights for people in the lgbt community? A lot of the times people are also afraid. You know, this is brand new for a lot of people. Yeah. This is something that people were not prepared for. And they were just wrapping their heads around gay marriage and now we're talking about what happens in other folks and people are like wait, I'm just getting used to this, hold on, hold on and I think sometimes fear makes people act foolishly because one-on-one people meet people and don't have an issue. That's the point. I doubt they actually met a transgender. No. In this country like that. Very rarely I'm sure. Or don't realize they have. I think politicians take time sometimes. I believe president Obama was for lgbtq rights before he came out and supported same-sex marriage and I think a lot happens behind the scenes where he has to have those conversations. I would give him time. I think on this issue he will evolve. Politicians use that word all the time. The reality of getting -- people have to see through that. He has to lead in this area. In June 2015 after the shooting he did condemn that shooting. I would like to see more from this president. Me, too. We're talking about basic human rights for everyone. That hit closer to home for him. We're not seeing him come out proactively on much unless it affects him. Being I don't see anyone in his inner circle that is gay, I don't think it's something that -- That we know of. That we know of. That he knows of. But I just don't think it hits close enough to home for him to care. When you're the guy in that chair, you're supposed to be the guy in that chair for everybody. For everyone. And regardless of whether you believe in it or not, you know, because I'm sure a lot of presidents have faced issues, you know, Lincoln, Lincoln didn't want to free the slaves. He didn't have a choice. Those were leaders though. Those were leaders and pioneers of different things. This is not someone -- When Jen says she has faith in them it. I'm not going to rain on her parade. You know I'm a natural blond if it happens. He has to balance all of those religious freedom rights and try to balance. He's supportive of lgbtq rights doesn't mean he's going to -- Here's the thing about religious folks. Religious folks always say what would Jesus do. I think -- Not that nun I ran into. No. I don't know why you just said that because the nun just likes him. She doesn't just like Jesus. But I'm saying that, you know, if you say I'm for people's freedom -- I agree with you. Then you have to accept even though you may be a jewish leader or Muslim leader or catholic leader, you are leading a country that has everything. So you have to look out for the people and the people are the same one that is put you in and out. So they can't hide behind religion because Jesus says, listen, see my people. See my friends. I agree 100%. I read that a bunch of people on his aides council withdrew because they said he didn't care. That's my point people. Doesn't care. That's right. We need to see --

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{"id":48136175,"title":"Teacher shows off LGBT pride in photo with Trump","duration":"5:19","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's stances on LGBT issues.","url":"/Politics/video/teacher-shows-off-lgbt-pride-photo-trump-48136175","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}