Todd Purdum: This Is Paul Ryan's Convention

RNC 2012: Vanity Fair editor discusses party enthusiasm behind vice presidential nominee.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Todd Purdum: This Is Paul Ryan's Convention
And Todd part of joining us from Vanity Fair and of course the most. Famous or infamous that become the 96 convention for -- for most people is what do you remember the Republican Convention now -- -- 96 and it was Dick Morris's resignation on the last day of the Chicago convention. But when that speech was happening in San Diego I was actually on vacation with President Clinton in Jackson Hole driving across the past Idaho with some Clinton's aides who were trying to listen to it on the radio. They were delighted when senator dole said that about let it be different for the past because they -- it was just ask. As for -- for century. Eight aren't. So you live blogging. From from the convention. I did you have some -- -- Some here. Just -- Eight for what was sarcastic you want you mentioned the twelve most depressing -- events at the that's my colleague Julie -- -- don't know. That -- so it lets -- -- of this convention. Well I think it will be -- is he would governor Ronnie can do last night because my take away from Paul Ryan's appearance last night was that this is really his convention. It is very important way or the governor Romney's this audiences for him. It's his generation's. Site now. -- he and the younger Turks -- the party that appeared last night before he appeared. They have the heart soul of these delegates they have the core of the base and I think whatever happens in November he's positioned to be the future -- of the party and the conservative movement were brought. So let me ask where did you would agree will be short profiles and presidents. -- -- -- Does Mitt Romney ranked in that event world happily as he compared to -- -- idea -- that being sort of it. Transitional figure in a party not a not a transformational figure -- -- keep changing. Party figure but. Think -- is -- similar type of president. Well -- level he ranks of the panoply of awkward presence and we have had offered presence within -- Richard Nixon or the first President Bush in some ways. So you don't have to -- -- smooth polished performer even the television age to win. -- it's that classic Republican example. The person -- -- -- wise he's been fighting for this for more than six years a little bit like senator dole today they had known as John McCain's mother said for years ago hold their nose -- a. So Windsor that the hard except it really was hardly there was an eyewitness would not have got -- -- -- -- -- events and after we. But we're not seeing a lot of people wandering around with hats and lots of -- -- that -- Romney well yes in fact you're seeing people run will run around with Ron Paul -- -- -- called or that Obama. And -- didn't response let's say for example for Condi Rice who's probably the only popular member of the second Bush Administration here. Was really -- kind of the yearning for like gosh. And you know when he kept -- -- -- we can do better I kept thinking at some level lot of these delegates and they can do better than Mitt Romney and it's really. His challenge tonight to persuade them that he's their leader and he can take into the it's remarkable for convention or is it not into deeper experience that you have to coming in convincing even that party your own party -- -- related at all here to nominate Mitt Romney yes of course -- they'll vote for him with varying degrees of enthusiasm don't vote for him. I mean I guess it's it's kind of an anomalous situation in the modern -- although four years ago let's remember that Sarah Palin it's excited lot more enthusiasm -- team on the John McCain did. But in LA I think despite you know some of the problems that Al Gore had had. The party was very much behind demand and Bill Clinton passed the torch and there was a lot of enthusiasm for him and them bill Bradley's challenge -- stated in it is to pass. I think it's much more common to have a big enthusiastic and unified convention and have one that's not a little bits of subdued note that this -- -- at ourselves and this night but since you know little bit about. Bill Clinton wanted to get this year -- he's speaking. Obviously a week from now. In Charlotte. -- the message does that send to the country that the current president -- -- against of course his wife. And in many ways was running against the Clinton Era. Is now bringing him up on stage to helped. Really save. Is his present. I think it means the Obama campaign has reluctantly acknowledged the Bill Clinton remains the best spokesman. Before kind of gut level. Democratic and its core values and he has the best and communicating. Common sense approach to the economy that can be heard by people at Harvard Square. And Hope, Arkansas and appreciated in both places and and you just can't deny that. Remember the final rally he had in Florida for -- Obama toward the end of the 2000 campaign I was just overwhelmingly. And I'll never forget in Boston's 2004 the minute President Clinton -- on the stage. The whole arena exploded and you certainly felt that people -- wish they could have run him for a third term answer there. -- event that was -- that was a different situation for years later clearly present Obama was the star of the party by then. You wonder if Bill Clinton as his is in a lot of ways the clips that it is an amid -- comeback story from the comeback kid. When you know as they used to say if Teddy Roosevelt presently wishes he could be the -- and every. Wedding in the corpse at every funeral and it's wonderful it's it's gotta be sweet. Victory for him I won't say revenge but it's going to be a sweet kind of indication. The President Obama has called on him to you know the it was just that fire and and I think -- you know I'm sure we'll just get an explosive reaction it is -- Indeed all right -- heard -- Vanity Fair Princeton graduate I should note just for the record just because we like is because he can't we we have to let them when. In it that that's exactly right thanks so much thank -- Dexter -- --

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{"id":17120222,"title":"Todd Purdum: This Is Paul Ryan's Convention","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Vanity Fair editor discusses party enthusiasm behind vice presidential nominee.","url":"/Politics/video/todd-purdum-paul-ryans-convention-17120222","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}