Top Lines: Obama and Mitt and Warren, Oh My

ABC's Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein on the day's top political news.
3:00 | 10/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Top Lines: Obama and Mitt and Warren, Oh My
Now do you have you were watching the GOP debates. I'm gonna wait until their -- voted off the island. It. Rivera founder of the water -- old -- that. Survivor indeed but president Obama's gonna have to wait awhile He wants what he's got to get voted off the island unfortunately it's not -- a week but it's gonna take awhile. Top -- starts right now. Hello and welcome to ABC -- top line I'm Rick Klein and I'm Jonathan Karl every day noon eastern right here with the latest in politics is slash -- -- Jon -- a couple of moments we gonna spend the full quarter hour. With Jon Huntsman presidential candidate but until then John what's your top line. We'll start -- on -- -- we heard from President Obama out in Denver which seems to be possibly a new campaign theme. On your role and that's what He says the American people will what will happen to the American people if the Republicans win everybody you albeit on your own. No more support from the government. Four when it comes to health care when it comes to education I -- -- -- about this theme I think we're gonna hear that a lot from President Obama is now the Republicans would really disagree with -- That's right it may actually embrace that and I think this may replace win the future remember that -- the WTF. Campaign -- that we heard before. This is the the defining difference between the parties and you're exactly right one side will like it just as much as the other one which is how these fun things develop. That's up today air war except this one is starting with maybe less than real live ammunition. Everett Perry finally on the air with his first campaign have been waiting to see how -- -- gonna dump his huge campaign chest he's got to add up in Iowa the first TV ad of the campaign cycle. And it's all about Rick Perry. -- where's all the Mitt Romney stuff. Well you know Rick Perry is. Legendary in Texas for his ability to go for the jugular I mean this is a guy who against one of his opponents basically accused of being. Allied with the Mexican drug runners and murderers. And now he's got this nice kind of soft and Fuzzy on Rick Perry -- did some great things for Texas all of the good things. For the country but it gets to the point though -- that we're into this now I forget how many weeks Rick Perry has been and it was a minus 89 -- whatever it is. And He really hasn't said what -- all -- it's all been ripping apart his opponents and now. The dismissal soft and Fuzzy -- we move on to the positive Rick Perry. Next up mix dodge. Mitt Romney goes to Ohio. And fails to take a position on the 2 central issues that Republicans -- fighting for two ballot initiatives. -- -- spanning the individual mandate and we know life can't get involved with that and the other on on you didn't. And these are issues that are championed by John -- and by virtually every Republican in the state. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that's right -- the other -- -- -- -- be careful in in all of this is the perception that -- essentially running out the -- he's got is being believed He doesn't want to do anything to screw up so he's not getting involved in in a lot of local issues anything that could possibly be controversial but for activists who were working this thing on the -- these -- his own volunteers in Ohio we're pushing it that is hardly an encouraging message and basketball running the clock and in the in the second quarter so yeah. The I -- it depends -- that's what time of the game you're independent and finally today inventing occupy Elizabeth Warren running for the senate in Massachusetts as if she provided the intellectual foundation for occupy Wall Street -- is another one of those examples where Scott Brown's body just as happy that has seen her take ownership as she -- her folks are. Yeah. I'm not sure that Elizabeth -- was really the one that was out there -- only getting these folks to fill up the square -- about what what do you think we'll see we'll see about that they like her that there's no no doubt about that certainly -- -- and beyond.

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{"id":14818628,"title":"Top Lines: Obama and Mitt and Warren, Oh My","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein on the day's top political news.","url":"/Politics/video/top-lines-obama-mitt-warren-14818628","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}