Town Hall Debate Format Decoded

The Second Presidential Debate: Moderator Candy Crowley can ask Obama and Romney follow-ups to the selection of voter-submitted questions.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Town Hall Debate Format Decoded
Set the table talk about the format of tonight's debate but this isn't very interesting format -- -- we had 82 people selected were sitting on that stage. Any of whom could be chosen to go ask their question now candy -- the moderator has been given all those questions she knows which ones she's going to choose. We expect to see about thirteen questions -- now when that question gets asked. The candidate has to -- answer. The other -- -- gets their two minutes and any change although that -- did then debate commission saying there was no change. We can discuss that moment and he changed the commission saying that -- -- can indeed. Follow up on those questions. What was the source of this -- -- over her ability or not to follow up on the questions -- -- it'll get upset when it's over so before these debates -- to campaign lawyers and educators get together and work -- a memorandum of understanding. That lays out the guidelines the rules that that the candidates have to buy everything down to. The chairs have to be identical. They have to be what I think it was swivel seats that can be locked into place and if it gets back to that level. So you better believe that they're not gonna leave anything to chance like -- -- moderator asked follow up questions. So in the memorandum they said basically they -- out and they senators that he didn't look like should be able to ask. Follow up questions the problem is Candy Crowley doesn't actually signed the -- Pakistan or even know anything about the last half. So she announced in in a couple of interviews that she certainly plan to as as our country. -- -- -- And that caused a bit of a bit unpleasantness a bit of a bit of discomfort. The bombing -- -- -- quickly -- and we'll take questions from our -- they're coming from. And then at the end of the day we're renowned street where where -- can follow up and and you know thank goodness she can and we should say she's from CNN one of the most experienced a political reporters out there.

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{"id":17494077,"title":"Town Hall Debate Format Decoded","duration":"3:00","description":"The Second Presidential Debate: Moderator Candy Crowley can ask Obama and Romney follow-ups to the selection of voter-submitted questions.","url":"/Politics/video/town-hall-debate-format-decoded-17494077","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}