Town Hall Debate: Will Immigration Come Up?

Univision's Jordan Fabian on issues important to Latino voters, including home foreclosures.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Transcript for Town Hall Debate: Will Immigration Come Up?
Go to Jordan Fabian -- the Univision political editor Jordan good evening to you you -- you wrote a column on ABC news that -- -- on Univision dot com. Arguing that tonight it would be in Long Island -- will be -- perfect place to talk about an issue that has not yet come up. At all in any of these debates and that is immigration can you elaborate -- -- and obviously. Immigration is a very important issue for -- with your community and have really has not been talked about during these debates we still don't know where Republican Mitt Romney stands on. I and number of the specific one when it comes immigration he says he wants a permanent solution offered for DREAM Act eligible kids but we don't really know. What that means and I think a town hall style debate will be the perfect place -- this -- he -- out. And -- you also talk about another issue that we haven't heard really anything about. During these debates and even on the campaign trail which is the home for -- issue obviously a lot of these battleground states like Ohio Nevada. Really suffering there. Well the fighting is -- in -- column that I wrote I said you. It's kind of hard to expect to hear about it it's a really un sexy issue it's very it's kind of boring compared it. Something like the 47%. There are -- trying to get a nuclear bomb. But it's it's been -- major cause of why the economy collapse and why Latinos lost. Two thirds of their household -- -- in the recession. So I think obviously you -- -- -- -- -- on how President Obama plans to address home foreclosures and underwater mortgages. And what governor Romney would do differently than President Obama. In this is an area where both candidates really. Have struggled to explain how they would solve the problem and a it will be interesting to see if a voter may be in the crowd there is experience problem yourself is can ask questions. Jordan you talk about immigration -- coming up where would you listen to where that ranks say vs the economy. Or national security or other issues in in the -- you -- community. You got also wanting it's it's depends almost I asked the question of Paul. If you ask Latino voters what's the most important issue to him personally. -- say it's the economy but if you ask it. Saying what's the most important issue for the community and -- -- immigration it's in issue number one that. Really sort of conveys candidates and how they address the issue whether they respect -- -- community but it it is also important issue. And a personal issue for many voters. So I think that the now is the opportune time there really kind of -- -- opposites it's been far too long has been addressed -- Canadian Univision political editor thank you we appreciated.

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{"id":17494256,"title":"Town Hall Debate: Will Immigration Come Up?","duration":"3:00","description":"Univision's Jordan Fabian on issues important to Latino voters, including home foreclosures.","url":"/Politics/video/town-hall-debate-immigration-17494256","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}