Former Trump adviser says he knows of no collusion with the Russians

ABC News' Amna Nawaz questions Roger Stone on the controversy between Russia and the Trump campaign.
5:07 | 05/12/17

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Transcript for Former Trump adviser says he knows of no collusion with the Russians
Now as far as rushing collusion and Roger Stone. Court in the New York Times on January 20 page one. Wiretap and data utilized in probe of crime aids that's the headline a change in the online issue. As they often do it I believe I've been surveillance since last June. I don't know whether that is on the basis of fights a war which would be a secret what they believe that it's getting ugly number of things have come up in the press that could only be going from my email and documents things but things. That are an invasion of my privacy dutifully couldn't hack it I was definitely hacked it was reported back in April of last year it. Please have it would Miley you know ability email and I lost certain files and saw the point of this is. The government already has my records in my opinion and therefore they know. I don't know any rush I didn't meet with any Russians I didn't plot when many Russians I didn't collude always any rush. It apathy can keep you come you didn't report about the contact you have with one Russian hacker online I am elated that Russia is not a rush just because the intelligence services assessment. Says he's a Russian. They said Saddam Hussein. Weapons of mass just not testing intelligence services they have been politicized they had been politicized and had a seventy intelligence agencies keep talking about. Are all still headed by appointees Barack Obama you have said that you there was no collusion between you and any particular leading up to election. You played an Integra role in the campaign. Could have been anyone else who had contact with a collective action as well in the case of Paul meant for. Who was pressure and my wedding and somebody I've known for forty plus years. He tells me no and I choose to believe. But you know I don't know general flat and never met general plan never had a discussion within. I would not have taken a gratuity from Russian TV I think that was a state. As far as this fellow Carter page who I guess I didn't median of one of my book signings record I saw that online last night but in fact when he was introduced in this Adori one of those neo cons. But in any event. If they were colluding with Carter page they were wasting their time he had no influence in this campaign he was a number 800 number issue advisory committee. It turns out but she's never met down from never been a meeting with. But it sounds like you're saying there could have been contact between members of the count campaign and Russian officials well it. Anything could happen maybe that somehow come up tomorrow morning but I know of none I think. It is unlikely that. Well and I used I think it I think in your role in the campaign if it is well I had horrible to Rula and I happily I had no factual can't pay. It was completely independent operator after resign and I resigned August of last year. Appreciate you know lots of time August of the previous issue remain part of you remain high horse and order advocate ferret out. I know of no collusion with the Russians frankly I don't think our comp needed any collusion to the Russians and in fact I would say that. I believe John Podesta invented this narrative. Accusing trump of being in bed with the Russians because it distracted attention from the fact that he and his brother Tony and bill and Hillary. Had made millions of dollars deal and only works. Around potent there's the uranium deal the gas deal a bank deal. It's all there at them eat better and concerns about director mean being accountable or not account yes helping his role. He think the president should be altered the same level of accountant he is held to an account he's held to the accountability of the voters he is his prerogative to fired the FBI director he won that when he became friends the United States it. In this and that the degree that the versions of the story that we've gotten. About why. Mr. Connolly with fires have not quite line. I really don't I'm not seen the inconsistencies. Here's why. I think the president had. Lack of confidence in call me I think the testimony of may third. Where he said you know the idea that I helped electron me being cautious you can. Imagine how the president may react to this he hadn't yet they said the added that I had a hand in the election applicable election. And it wasn't that well but we might but we know who wants the implication there is any of that. I think the president may have decided earlier that this guy had to go. His lawyers gave him the justification for Ames I've written it many videos on it talked about it yes I think out of fired him. Five seconds after the president took his hand off the Bible it consistencies for a lot of people come from the fact that the first story with that it was entirely on view the recommendation that the deputy trade. And then of the 24 hours. That was her first thing the president -- excited fire before the recommendation I think that was probably the legal justification. For doing so I didn't actually see the president's remarks last night so. But added that he needs a vacation that nobody did I get to tell that you give to tell the American people the basis of your decision he had no more confidence in and director called me he says that.

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{"id":47375486,"title":"Former Trump adviser says he knows of no collusion with the Russians","duration":"5:07","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz questions Roger Stone on the controversy between Russia and the Trump campaign.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-adviser-collusion-russians-47375486","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}