The Trump effect on the Georgia special election

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports from a Georgia polling station on how the candidates are talking about the president.
1:55 | 06/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Trump effect on the Georgia special election
Mary Alice you know the president has not been shy about weighing in on as he's been tweeting his support. For Karen Handel the Republican candidate he did so this morning. And we know that she's been using some of his support lines and her fundraising emails right she's been sending the mountains and look the president supports mean you should too. John knocks off on the other hand the Democrat has barely mentioned truck Robinson came. He's been happy that they've been pressed to even admit that this has anything to do we have national attention or the presidency. Look a lot of folks are saying this is a referendum on president trumps first five months is that fair. Absolutely that's there you know it you're exactly right note dot hasn't. Is making a point of talking about the president it's really get ready I'm on capitol most days at and lawmakers of both diets. Feels like such ads and it's coming out and out every other spent it. And to negate yeah he is. He's trying to talk about jobs and and health care and and really a waiting use in the president's name it's interesting it's a very specific campaign strategy. Check to reach at people across books at the island. And trying to stay at Atlanta run against trump you ought to be or at different platform. But that doesn't mean and his supporters aren't talking about Donald track you know they're knocking on doors and saying hey c'mon let's send a message to Washington and gate now that the reason he's able to raise so much money as high as of this anti trop kind of resistance movement. That is really in sweeping certain circles across the country. And out just the other side as well. There are Republicans act here and I talked to that they want us an accident to Washington and a country that day but trapped in the White House and they still. Back is a jet that. And I feel let term wild excited about what he's doing. So even though the two candidates are exactly right or sort of careful about using his name voters here know that it is absolutely going to be seeing at Iraq right let's happening right out watched.

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{"id":48164220,"title":"The Trump effect on the Georgia special election","duration":"1:55","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports from a Georgia polling station on how the candidates are talking about the president.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-effect-georgia-special-election-48164220","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}