Uber Car Service App Used for Conventions

Uber CEO Travis Kalanic discusses how the car-hailing app works at RNC, DNC.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for Uber Car Service App Used for Conventions
And are not -- Well it's just. -- -- in seventeen cities around the world. I think that's Ortiz Ortiz in the United States. We're just about rollout Denver were yet ready to roll out now -- What -- right. For. -- that there. -- it. Basically it's it's it's it's. -- vote the way I describe it is it's our motto where everyone's private driver right and what that needs is yet starts with -- you push a button. -- five minutes to Town Car -- -- to take you where everyone ago. -- -- the park at and T want that on the map right and you have credit card Tulsa -- Eat your alerted when the car comes doors open for you get the car. He got your destination you just get out no casting its hands -- driver of the evidence -- we keep quality up and it's kind of feels like deliver. Explain what it is -- free to get something that it. Now how deeply buried -- ran out cards at ear what. So let's see how can we could -- You know as a private company trying to -- these -- that person number into our revenues but here's the bottom line. Let's see hundreds of thousands of hours are driven by drivers to connect -- So I think we're getting in I think we may be an -- of thousands of drivers at this point and we're throwing 46% month over month for the last twelve months. I'm bigger today -- we -- twelve months ago. And in a whole bunch of cities. We are quickly becoming. Either that number two -- number three. Sighs -- -- getting. Around that city we don't know the real and other parts weekly god but employed drivers what we -- we partner with small -- And that helps them feel their -- time. Right so -- daily at two hours -- in the morning two hours maybe late afternoon but there's huge swaths of time where they're getting nothing. And so we help -- -- that time. And basically make ends meet and ultimately invest in their business -- the budget drivers -- start with us with one car. Now -- left hander fifteen cars taking over a hundred grand each per year and that's their American -- Six brought it to the conventions you. Do you you you went to Charlotte and here in Tampa this -- what's -- been -- Well so we're going to Charlotte next week right -- but this week it's it's been intense and means. Biarritz he reached out to us said they would love -- -- a classy convenient right for the folks who come here we said let's do it. -- partnering with tons of little puppies very quickly caught -- pop up there's an -- regulatory here in Tampa. The they required that the minimum -- for a ride it was fifteen times bigger than the minimum fare for a taxi. So if you wanna go two miles down the road. Regulations -- have to -- at least fifty dollars which is not ideal but. There's a lot of folks here that are on other you know an expense -- other people are paying for their rights. So while still seeing a pretty pretty heavy amount that -- -- in. Place and some regulatory. -- -- -- -- Well you know that there's a fundamental difference between a taxi and a Town Car break attacks can pick anybody out who wins them down. That's an anonymous person getting into and -- an anonymous Clark. There's regulations around that to make sure you know what you get when you get -- there I'll -- side. -- we're not doing anything differently. -- -- -- what they've done before we're just making it much more efficient and so it and that is that. Taxi drivers aren't the folks who haven't -- had difficulty with us this you know the thousands of drivers -- -- Connected to our system they are former taxi drivers they are making a lot better living and working on our system -- they were as a taxi driver. And it's an alternative to better way to make political. -- -- -- -- -- we'll rename thank you for being decided on the I think I did I said Patton grew at the RNC. And I don't have good handwriting nobody -- these days. Nobody has -- handwriting the guy's brilliant. Lots of help and I -- awesome that's right and we'll see what Charlotte as well yeah bring in Charlotte.

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{"id":17184344,"title":"Uber Car Service App Used for Conventions ","duration":"3:00","description":"Uber CEO Travis Kalanic discusses how the car-hailing app works at RNC, DNC.","url":"/Politics/video/uber-app-car-service-brought-conventions-17184344","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}