Expert: U.S. Trails Brazil and China In Infrastructure

Christopher Lee says an infrastructure bank will get projects started quickly.
3:00 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Expert: U.S. Trails Brazil and China In Infrastructure
We're gonna go and I don't congress for a moment. With Christopher Lee who heads up high star capital and infrastructure investment firm mr. -- thanks for joining us. Good morning -- You have written a number of of op Eds in recent weeks really pleading with congress to do something more on membership structure spending saying that you could do it. And dramatically cut unemployment. But. Right now we see -- congress they can't even agree on whether the sky is blue not so. Can we really do really really believe that congress could somehow set all those other issues aside. And agree on multi billion or trillion dollar infrastructure even if it's at a separate bank. To get this thing -- forward. Well I'm not doing this myself -- have some some partners who -- very knowledgeable about that Capitol Hill. On both sides of the -- And and before -- I started this this I don't waste anybody's time. They convince me that there is a real will to do this and then what. What I think everyone can agree on is that 9% unemployment in this country is unsustainable. It's unacceptable. Having gone from the best infrastructure in the world who arguably. In many sectors the worst certainly -- surface transportation. Those are things that everybody -- comer. I gather round and then and support. That the problem is is that. The infrastructure bank has been thrown into a greater jobs bill. Which is new income taxes in which are unacceptable to to Republicans. Things the Republicans want in terms of cutting entitlements are unacceptable to Democrats. What what what were advocating is let's just talk about investing eight trillion dollars -- infrastructure our country. Let's use the infrastructure bank not as yet another round of political pork. But like they do in in successfully in Brazil and in Europe and and elsewhere. Make make the infrastructure -- really the hinge. Where we can bring the great amount -- long term my investment capital from pension funds. Endowments and others that that the countries all around the world including China -- used to build the best infrastructure in the world. Where the only country that hasn't done it let's start doing it and let's get our unemployment down. You talk about Israel will you're seeing right now what's where the rumblings that that we should be looking for where the Republicans -- sponsoring things. How does this break itself out of this jobs bill that isn't total impasse in congress John John John -- -- to move forward. John Boehner yesterday -- I believe. Said he likes the idea of an infrastructure bank -- hundred when he Republican members of the house on a letter. Saying that they like the idea and infrastructure back. I'm talking about an infrastructure bank that's gonna make real investments it's gonna get paid back its gonna on a real return on. For the treasury and that's gonna mobilize all of this capital it's dying to invest in American infrastructure. And I think the will is there. I don't think anybody's come through with with the way to get it done the other thing we need to do -- this was a problem with the administration's stimulus bill. Is they found out that to build these projects we we have a -- approval and permitting process in this country which is Byzantine. Takes forever. We've got a fast track that we've got to. -- if you will a supreme court for projects. Where we can get decisions made quickly. You know without compromising the environment without compromising safety. No but get these things done in in in and built like they they are on the rest of the world and -- those bridges. The bridges between Mitch McConnell and and John Boehner that President Obama visited. The other day. The talk about apparently. It would take years and years to actually rehabilitate them we got that we've got to fix that as well and and that's hard to fix our of our plan. Fixing bridges the physical -- closed the political side I suppose Christopher -- from highs are -- thanks -- -- thank you very much. All right -- -- for sentry will bring Bill Clinton actually went back Alley should be one making this -- is doing such a good job getting advice states and its it is interesting from K earlier in the show. Iowa looming out there is really by default but what else but in the organization and probably -- -- a shot. All right what about -- -- required to deduct costs -- Walter's hand touched let us.

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{"id":14898090,"title":"Expert: U.S. Trails Brazil and China In Infrastructure","duration":"3:00","description":"Christopher Lee says an infrastructure bank will get projects started quickly. ","url":"/Politics/video/us-trails-brazil-china-infrastructure-14898090","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}