Ron Johnson: Paul Ryan 'a Gentleman,' Joe Biden 'Rude'

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson gives his reaction following the VP debate in Kentucky.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Ron Johnson: Paul Ryan 'a Gentleman,' Joe Biden 'Rude'
And that Republican senator from Wisconsin. Ron Johnson senator thanks for joining us. I would be shocked if you're if you were not about to proclaim. Paul Ryan the winner but let me ask you I ain't here. That there are some conservatives already who feel he was a little too -- it tonight. -- go on the -- Attack ads as hard as they would've liked do you feel. -- perhaps didn't bring his a game. -- it follows Paul is a gentleman and most puzzling as -- is really how. How rude Vice President Biden was I think -- -- -- vice presidential get the facts and figures they actually have a plan. For our future how to get America back to work in them. Joseph Biden was just Bruney was he was laughing inappropriately -- very odd behavior and certainly not vice president from my standpoint. Let's look at it through the substance. Of the debate here senator Johnson and that. It in many ways. What the interrupting -- about from Joseph Biden was trying to it. Today in Iraq and to make the case that he that that Democrats have been trying to make that. Republicans aren't telling the truth about some of these issues so do you think that Paul Ryan was able to make his case even. As he was getting an erupted. Have Toledo's will surprise you McVeigh was really focused on foreign policy which you normally think -- -- far more knowledgeable about budget. -- matters but he did a very good job answering the foreign policy questions and it was president or Vice President Biden did to totally -- -- State Department in terms of -- knowledge on the -- does he attack. Sawed off I think Paul did a great job in put himself well. So then what what is senator what is the the headline out of this today and Vice President Biden was rude. And Paul is knowledgeable and gentlemanly. Facility located quick -- back the this. This need has taken up in the spin room the Republicans saying the vice president was rude. The pushed back from the Democrats Jim Messina is saying -- -- the other side is whining about facial expressions and no it was a bad night for them. Your reaction. -- totally false not wolves distracting about a Vice President Biden is just all of his smashing nations in new facial expressions and laughing inappropriately goes. Quite -- bizarre -- Paul -- the facts is the figures he he laid out the case appropriately. And -- -- you heats -- definitely won this debate. Senator let's talk about your home state of Wisconsin here we've seen a couple of polls now showing that's a little bit tighter. But the president still over 50% in the state little performance like this. Be enough to win Wisconsin number one and number two can you tell us. Why the president still ahead over 50% in Paul Ryan's home state. Forget that that's -- in the polls are accurate. Remember the exit polls on -- Bill Walker recall was saying the race to calls -- -- -- -- 74 percentage points listen. -- -- -- cautiously optimistic about to Wisconsin because. You know the most citizens or -- -- there are common sense folks who believe government -- live within its means. And we turn that blue state red in 2010 because the very unpopular health care a lot. And the factor adding. Debt to the back for children branch -- -- don't think this changes were two years closer to implementing that very unpopular very partisan healthcare -- Who -- 2.5 trillion dollars of debt to our children grandchildren so. Again same issues a Paul's popular in the state. Not -- predictable turn those ten electoral votes -- over to the next president Mitt Romney. Achilles' -- is an interesting exercise to interview somebody in the spin room because it's very hard to get anybody off message if there was one thing you would -- -- your guy. Perhaps didn't do a good enough -- -- and I what would -- be -- along the criticism. I would like to have had. Paul had equal time but it is pretty impossible for him to do that. How we felt incredibly rude Vice President Biden was meet -- could even get three words into his his response about. Vice president -- snorting here are in -- in some way shape or form it was a bizarre set of behaviors by Vice President Biden is very very bizarre. Senator there was out. One interesting moment in and -- -- Paul Ryan's answers in which he talked about for personal anecdote involving. Governor Romney's personal generosity. Two two -- down -- lock -- we're hearing more and more of that from from governor Romney on the stump as well. But it's it's awfully late in the campaign you do you wish that governor Romney had spoken out. Or or his surrogates have spoken out earlier about -- -- -- these -- democratic or to define. Well I've been speaking out cars -- -- he's too modest demand. Due to be used to -- -- bizarre adjustment amount mild -- that I. Heard on the campaign trail I guess it was relayed during that via convention was the story about the -- Capital partner. Whose daughter got caught up in drugs in and governor Romney shut down Bain Capital to everybody -- New York -- grid pattern and found that fifty year old daughter. I mean since extraordinary. Story of leadership in there are all kinds of those types stories. I don't 126 days the media -- to cover those -- types of poignant stories. -- -- type of leader. Do we have the capability -- the you know but the possibility of neglecting the of this country. Was -- senator Ron Johnson a Republican thank you very much your -- -- we appreciate. A great night.

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{"id":17459882,"title":"Ron Johnson: Paul Ryan 'a Gentleman,' Joe Biden 'Rude'","duration":"3:00","description":"Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson gives his reaction following the VP debate in Kentucky.","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-debate-2012-ron-johnson-paul-ryan-gentleman-joe-biden-rude-17459882","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}