White House Won't Budge on Cancelled Tours

Press secretary won't equate upcoming presidential trips with school kids' cancellation.
3:00 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for White House Won't Budge on Cancelled Tours
It -- -- was groups that have been -- bake sales and raised money their trip to Washington. For. -- Paul's Lutheran school I'm Waverly Ohio room. There's -- -- was scheduled for Saturday will you be able to provide -- to or from saint Paul's school. We have seen that report it's very fortunate as it is -- is the case with all -- who have seen their tours canceled because of the implementation of the sequester. Yes as I said. Two -- serves the White House or. Talking about what is possible I would not anticipate that opening two -- -- -- would be possible. But again I don't want to prejudged the outcome of this but I also want to set expectations here there is a stark reality that has. Come about because of the imposition -- the sequester. The home run. The Tea Party victory and that is that these cuts are being implemented. Across agencies across the country and the effects are real and they result in job loss or furloughs or pay cuts. And closures of -- in this case. Because that's those are the options that prevail. So it. The there's no way to. Guild the Lily here this is a bad situation that results in bad choices. Because the policy was designed to. Present bad choices and bad choices only which is what congress was supposed to avoid it -- -- come up with an alternative. Means of achieving the deficit reduction that. Is otherwise achieve through. Arbitrary across the board cuts Secret Service told -- -- -- that we -- thousand dollars and how much is it going to cost present trial this week. -- -- -- -- And he's elected to represent all the people and he travels around the country appropriately. -- figure on the cost of presidential travel is. You know. Obviously something has every president deals with because of security and staff. A significant undertaking. But. -- the president has to travel around the country travel around the world that is part of his job. -- cost. John again. You're trivializing an impact here people will lose their -- three quarters of the million people will lose their jobs you -- law stipulates what the costs will be. For each agency. Those jobs will be lost OK and you can report on -- -- two hours. Or you can find out what the impacts -- -- in the real world additional attacks this is a real world impact here and it is unfortunate and is unhappy choice. The fact of the matter is congress made his choice Republicans made this choice -- option was to do what they did a few months ago. And the way to sequester. To allow for time. To try to negotiate a bigger deal. They chose not to because they refused to accept the principle that the well off and well connected -- pay a little bit towards deficit reduction. That was a choice and it was a choice that was presented the American people as a home run. As something that was politically advantageous in the back pocket -- the speaker of the house it was a Tea Party victory. But that is there are. Consequences to that victory for the Tea Party and the consequences are. What we've been discussing. What the president says there -- no deficit crisis you -- if you -- questions for ten years. How do you expect to get a grand bargain how do you expect to get all sides to make -- difficult choices if there's no crisis well there is a long term debt. Challenge. Everybody recognizes this the -- -- speaks frequently that our long term deficit and debt are driven primarily by health care costs the expense. Administering programs like. Medicare Medicaid Social Security. That's what he's put on the table actually more detail entitlement reforms and the speaker -- for example in the fiscal -- you. And that's why he is already implemented savings out of -- Entitlement program savings and of course -- Ryan and others railed against but then adopted in their own budget proposal so. This is a challenge but what we should not do is take action that. Does harm to our economy does -- -- middle class does harm to our seniors and only does well by -- well -- and well connected. In order to address. A deficit challenge that can be addressed appropriately in a balanced way that grows the economy helps middle class and protects our seniors as pretty clear choice. And the president is heartened by the fact that. There are. Not just Democrats and independents who support the balanced approach to deficit reduction but Republicans. In Republican lawmakers who have expressed it. And who have an interest in finding common ground and that's why he's having these conversations on this issue in many hours.

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{"id":18720798,"title":"White House Won't Budge on Cancelled Tours","duration":"3:00","description":"Press secretary won't equate upcoming presidential trips with school kids' cancellation.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-budge-cancelled-tours-18720798","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}