Will.i.am Keeps Big Bird Alive

Will.i.am Keeps Big Bird Alive
3:00 | 10/09/12

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You don't want education you as an enemy. I think the -- gradually springer right now they like a thin at some -- -- Thursday -- education early. I remember when -- was like three years -- Something really light inspired me -- wanna learn may sound silly you may laugh. This is the theme song to my childhood -- write one play. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's certainly -- Gaza. When he that's how we'll cut the deficit he says he can make the math work. By eliminating. Local public. Funding for -- funding for PBS. Now. Now by the way this is not know this is what he's been saying every time he's -- the question what we can cut out. Yes. -- for all -- moms and kids out there don't or. Somebody finally get tough on big part. -- know that he was driving our deficit. So we're going -- Now he's now going after big or bird Elmo and make a run for the border. Oscar's body out of the trash can. Iran wants to -- Wall Street run wild again but he's gonna bring down the hammer on Sesame Street.

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{"id":17437561,"title":"Will.i.am Keeps Big Bird Alive","duration":"3:00","description":"Will.i.am Keeps Big Bird Alive","url":"/Politics/video/william-obama-bring-sesame-street-theme-ohio-17437561","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}