'This Week' Roundtable: Presidential Politics


this is Broder's law. The late David Broder said anyone who will do

what you have to do to become president shouldn't be allowed to be


AMANPOUR: Well, no sane person, maybe, but also nobody whose wife

is so opposed to it? I mean, it's been written about all week, hasn't

it, in all these different newspapers, about how much of a nonpolitical

spouse is Cheri Daniels.

WALTER: Right. And Haley Barbour had the same issue, too, which is

when you've been in this context, they have both been at the NFL level,

they know what it takes to play at that level and they know the

consequences for their family. There's no naivete there. So I think

that is a really serious and true concern of his and his family. But

it's also hard -- I mean, I agree with George about that he does have

plenty of time. This is not -- it's not too late for him to get in.

The question, though, is, if he does decide to get in, will he still

feel as strongly, internally, once this race gets going? And it's just

very hard to be pulled into a race. I find that candidates--


ROBERTS: The fire in the belly has absolutely got to be there. I

mean, you heard Mike Huckabee, my hear says, no, no, no, it's now a

country music song I'm sure.

But on the life question, this has been part of the American

politics since the very beginning. Dolly Madison was accused of being

overly sexed and unsexing James Madison. And worse things were said but

I can't say them on a Sunday morning television show. But they are not --


ROBERTS: I'll tell you later, but they were in the newspapers,

however. So that's been part of the game from the beginning.

AMANPOUR: Let me ask you about that, because around the world,

people look at the American race and they see a lot of emphasis on

families, on various issues that we're talking about. Mitch Daniels and

his wife, they were divorced, she married, she came back, they

remarried. And of course, Newt Gingrich who has just got in is spending

a lot of time having to talk about his third wife and these multiple


Let me just play that and then we'll talk about whether this is

going to be an issue this year.


GINGRICH: There are things I did in the past I'm not proud of. I

have had to go to God and ask for forgiveness and to seek

reconciliation. But if you measure who I am, what I've learned, how I

live my life, and you look at my close relationship with my two

daughters, my close relationship with my grandchildren, the kind of

marriage that Callista and I have, I hope people will look at who I've

grown into, what I've learned, and decide that I'm someone that they can

trust with the presidency.


AMANPOUR: So that was to Jorge Ramos at Univision. Convincing?

Relevant? Does he have to go out there and say that?

ROBERTS: Well, he has to go out there and say that, but I'm not

sure it is going to convince anybody. You know, having three wives and

having left two of them in somewhat unpleasant circumstances, to put it

mildly, and three religions, the most recent of which is Catholicism,

and there's an awful lot of divorced Catholics who are very pained by

this situation, of their own divorce, and feeling like they can't be

Catholic. And to have this sudden new Catholic with three wives is not

going to play well with them.

AMANPOUR: And beyond that, obviously Newt Gingrich does consider

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