'This Week' Roundtable: Presidential Politics


himself a big thinker and he's talked a lot about that.

ROBERTS: He is a big thinker.

AMANPOUR: Exactly. Nikki Haley said there will be a time and a

place for Newt Gingrich. Is his time up? Is his time now?

WILL: He's been out of elective office for 12 years. Now, John

Quincy Adams was out for 17 years before he became president, but he was

John Quincy Adams--

ROBERTS: And he was secretary of state, and that was the stepping


WILL: Newt Gingrich's problems are so far beyond just his multiple

marriages and all of that. His ethanol love affair right now. On 7th

of March, he said let's go get Gadhafi. On the 23rd of March, he says I

never favored intervention. He did it on television.


WILL: Yes, exactly. He is one of these people who says that to

understand Barack Obama, you need to understand his Kenyan,

anti-colonial mentality, and this is just not a serious candidate.

WALTER: I want to go -- because I think one of the other

interesting things that we talk a lot about that he was going to be the

idea person in this. You talk to anybody about Newt Gingrich, even

before they jumped in, they said, you know what, he's going to help set

the policy table for Republicans. But actually the person who is a

bigger threat to Newt Gingrich is actually Paul Ryan, because Paul Ryan

has become the idea generator for the Republican Party. He's now that

new face with the new ideas, and he's the one who sort of forced

Republicans onto that.

ROBERTS: The policy agenda for Republicans is not him. That's the

policy. And, you know, the whole question of, oh, we don't like our

candidates and all that. That happens every election cycle. And in

2008, the Democrats were looking around and they said, oh, my goodness,

the economy is tanking. If we just nominate, white bread, white guy

he'll win. And our other candidates are unelectable. Let's draft Al

Gore back, let's do all of this, and the Republicans are in the same

kind of swivet this year. And you know what? Somebody will get the

nomination, and if the economy is in the tank, that guy is likely to win.

AMANPOUR: OK, so that brings us to Barack Obama. The president we

hadn't spoken about. The bounce from bin Laden, will that propel him to

the presidency again?

WILL: It has a life, I think, of 10 points for 30 days, maximum?

And then it will be gone.

WALTER: Five thus far.

ROBERTS: I actually think it does. Not propel him to the

presidency, necessarily, but change people's view of him. It has,

beyond just the bump in the polls, he comes across as decisive, daring

and pro-defense. All of those things are good.

AMANPOUR: All right. On that note, thank you all so much.

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