'This Week' Transcript: David Axelrod

But this week, Romney scored the season's biggest endorsement.

CHRISTIE: Mitt Romney is the man we need to lead America, and we need him now. That's why I'm here.

KARL: A move foretold by "Saturday Night Live."

(UNKNOWN): Romney's so boring.

(UNKNOWN): So what? He's a nice man in a clean suit that wants to be president.

KARL: A couple of days later, a vote of confidence from another big Republican.

J. BUSH: I continue to be impressed with Mitt Romney's performance in these debates. He's cool, calm, collected. He's quick. He's agile.

KARL: Perry tried to hit "reset" with his first big policy speech.

PERRY: We're standing on top of the next American economic boom.

KARL: A call for more oil and gas drilling and a promise of 1.2 million new jobs, but the Texas jobs miracle appears to be wilting. Texas is one of a dozen states where unemployment is actually rising. And look at this: TelePrompTers. Who does he think he is, Obama?

It was Anita Perry, without prompters, who broke through, saying her husband has been beaten up, brutalized, and chewed up because of his Christian faith.

A. PERRY: It's kind of been a brutal month, but we are survivors, and we're warriors, and we're climbing up that hill to try to save America.

KARL: Republican infighting was little comfort this week to the White House, which suffered a defeat when the Senate finally got around to voting on the president's jobs bill. Even a couple of Democrats voted no.

Finally, trending, up, the number nine. It's everywhere. Nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine.

Up, this guy. Get a good look at him. He may be the next treasury secretary. Herman Cain's top economic adviser, Rich Lowrie, is an accountant from Cleveland behind the 9-9-9 plan.

Mitt Romney, up, or so we think. Everyone assumes he's going to be the nominee, everyone except Republican primary voters, that is.

Rick Perry, down. Not even sleep helped.

Newt, up. Strong debates and no more Tiffany's bills.

Huntsman, down. Zero points in one national poll, and his campaign a half a million in the red. Lights out?

Up, Domino's. Herman Cain is the Godfather's guy, but his campaign spent nearly $1,000 bucks at Domino's?

With "This Week in Politics," I'm Jonathan Karl.


AMANPOUR: And as for President Obama, well, Jonathan did mention that his signature jobs plan failed its first big test in the Senate. I sat down with the president's campaign strategist, David Axelrod, to discuss Plan B and take stock of his Republican challengers.


AMANPOUR: This past week, the president's jobs bill died in the Senate. You had...

AXELROD: Well, it took a setback. We're going to keep at it. It didn't die.

AMANPOUR: OK. But it's pretty much dead in the format, in terms of being approved...

AXELROD: As one -- as one entity, but now we're going to take it apart and we're going to go piece by piece. The American people support every single plank of that bill, and we're going to vote on every single one of them.

AMANPOUR: All right. But, you know, just last month, you said about this bill, that this is not an a la carte menu, and yet now, as you've just announced yourself, this is going to be an a la carte menu. You find yourself in this position.

AXELROD: Well, we hope to assemble the entire plan, and we're going to take votes on each one of them.

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