'This Week' Transcript: Gov. Rick Perry and Stephen Colbert

So, there's a sense in which she could connect with the kind of working-class Democrats who are now Reagan Democrats or now trending to become Republicans. So, it makes it kind of a sense.

But, frankly, George, I have never met -- and now this will make this my eleventh presidential campaign in Washington, I have never met anyone who said they voted for presidential candidate A because of running mate B.

ROBERTS: Well, the only evidence that we have that it ever happened was with Lyndon Johnson in 1960 where he was able to carry Texas and therefore the election.

KARL: There is enough evidence that enough people voted against Sarah Palin.

ROBERTS: But the truth is, the reason that this continues in my view, George, is because we talked about the enthusiasm gap on the Republican side, but there's an enthusiasm gap onthe Democratic side as well. And so there is -- the people who talk about putting Hillary Clinton in, are people who think that will help get voters excited about a Democratic ticket.

KARL: It probably would, right?

NOONAN: No, people think politics is magic, that you can magically remove one person on the ticket, put in somebody else and everything becomes electric and electrified. It's not like that.

The president apparently doesn't want to do this. The vice president. Hillary doesn't. There's no talk anywhere in Washington of seriously doing this. But the campaign strategists on the comment threads of our great nation are all very...

KARL: There you go letting the facts get in the way of a story.

NOON: I didn't mean to.

ROBERTS: One more thing...

KRUGMAN: Everything that I hear, and I talk to people who are pretty seriously involved is that she's a terrific secretary of State. And why would she trade that huge career success for a bucket of orange...

STEPHANOPOLOUS: To be in line to run in 2016 if she chose to?

KARL: There you go, George.

STEPHANOPOLOUS: I'm not making the argument. I do not believe it was going to happen. It just made me think, though, of -- you know, I was talking to Clint Eastwood a few weeks back. It turns out that back in 1988 James Baker actually considered for a nanosecond, replacing -- putting Clint Eastwood on the ticket in '88, but that went away as well.

Finally last night, big football game. Blowout. Tim Tebow's season finally ended. And here's what he had to say about it.


TIM TEBOW, DENVER BRONCOS QUARTERBACK: It still wasn't a bad day. It still was a good day, because before the game, I got to spend time with Zach McCloud and make him smile. And overall when you get to do that, it's still a positive and it's still a good day. Sometimes it's just hard to see, but it depends on what lens your looking through.


STEPHANOPOLOUS: George, that smile and that attitude is somewhat appealing, but how do you explain how Tim Tebow became such a polarizing figure this season?

WILL: That's a good question. Because when Hank Greenberg of the Tigers and Sandy Koufax and Sean Greene of the Dodgers, all three Jewish missed extremely important late-season games because of observance of Yom Kippur, no one said this was exhibitionism and no one complained about it. They thought it was exemplary.

As far as I could tell, in every particular Tim Tebow is an exemplary gentleman. And maybe this is just the democratic small d, democratic nation's itch to level people. It's unattractive the attacks on Tebow from whatever source.

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