'This Week' Transcript: Gov. Rick Perry and Stephen Colbert

ROBERTS: I just want to say that god, however, is not a broncos fan. I think we just have to make that clear. His team is the Saints. And you know, as the archbishop said when the Saints were named the Saints, Archbishop (inaudible) was asked if that was disrespectful, he said no, but just remember that most saints are martyrs.

NOON: You know, Tebow is just about the most popular sports figure in America right now. He's not controversial, really, not with regular Americans. With folks like us, we talk about the controversy. But this guy is loved. He has come up and across the past few months as a kind of refreshment as an inspiration.

And after all of the terrible scandals in sports and outside the past few six months or the past year, he comes as an antidote and somebody that parents can point out for their children and say, that's a good man. See that man?

KARL: And then when it comes to football, he's controversial. He's decisive even among football analysts, because he's not your typical NFL quarterback. But this guy is good. He already has as many playoff wins as Tony Romo. After 15 games, he has had 15 starts. He already has a better record than Aaron Rodgers had after 15 starts, than Drew Brees, sorry Cokie, had after 15 starts.

He's going to be around. He's going to be a force. And the good personal side to go with it.

KRUGMAN: I have been keeping my commentary Tebow-free. And I'm going to maintain that.

STEPHANOPOLOUS: OK George, we have a little over a minute left. And I don't want to end the program without giving you a chance to weigh in on Steve Colbert. His take on Super PACs. You have been outspoken on the whole issue of Citizens United.

WILL: Well, Stephen Colbert is a better comedian and he's an excellent one than he is a constitutional scholar. And in fact the Supreme Court has held over and over again that money is indispensable for the dissemination of speech, campaign reformers constantly argue that, a, there's too much political speech in this country, b, they know the right amount and, c, they want to criminalize speech in excess of that.

Reformers spend so much of their time, George, regretting their reforms. Super PACs are a consequence of driving money away from candidates, away from campaigns and away from the parties. Do we have too much money in politics? I'm astonished how little money there is in politics considering the stakes of our politics in allocating wealth and opportunity. In about four weeks, George, people will begin doing in America what they do every year, spending about $2 billion on Easter candy. We spend less on politics.

KARL: George, it is distorting the system. Right now, we look at Super PAC money. In South Carolina, the Super PACs are spending twice as much as the campaigns themselves. Basically the campaigns have been outsourced to groups that don't have to play by the same rules that the campaigns have to play by.

STEPHANOPOLOUS: I wished we had more time. But we don't. I hope you guys can continues this online. Thanks a lot to all of you for this great roundtable.

And coming up Ron Paul, a fan of Michael Jackson? John Berman on how taking politicians' words out of context can be dangerous.


STEPHANOPOLOUS: We'll be back with John Berman's closeup in a moment after these words from our ABC stations.

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