'This Week' Transcript: Gov. Rick Perry and Stephen Colbert

STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally, today, your voice, This Week. Our look at how the campaign is playing in social media. Huge online interest in Ron Paul. Our partners at Yahoo! News put him on top of their candidate search rankings. Mitt Romney placed second, but he's still golden in ABC's OtusNews.com political stock market. That measures online sentiment, plus ratings from ABC's political experts. Yes, Romney's down 2.6 percent since last week, but he's still the blue-chip choice, highest value of all Republicans.

Rick Santorum has plunged nearly 12 percent. Newt Gingrich down almost 8 percent. The only candidate to pick up steam, Ron Paul. They love him online. He's up 5 percent over last week.

Also we have been asking you to Tweet and Facebook your questions to me at @askGeorge. Ann Tracey posted this question on Facebook -- "I'd be interested to know whether Ron Paul is seriously considering a third-party independent run at the presidency."

I actually asked him that last week at the debate. He didn't rule it out, but he does seem reluctant to a third-party run, in part perhaps because he would like to see his son, Rand Paul, the senator, run for the Republican nomination in 2016.

And Jason Miller had some kind words on last week's program. "Great show today. When did Jake Tapper get so funny?" I'm glad you noticed. He's actually a really funny guy. He has to stay pretty buttoned-up for his day job, but he showed a little personality on This Week. You can also follow him on Twitter and you'll see that sense of humor every single day.

Remember, you can always join in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and on Abcnews.com. And send me your questions at hashtag George.

That's all for us today. "World News With David Muir" has the latest headlines tonight. And throughout the week, check out Otusnews.com for the very latest from our entire political team. Thanks for sharing part of your Sunday with us. I'll see you tomorrow on GMA.


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