'This Week' Transcript: House Speaker John Boehner and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

BRAZILE: ... we're coming out of a deep recession that requires all hands on deck, a balanced solution to the problem, and what we're having is just a one-way conversation...

INGRAHAM: All right. So the Democrats can't...


BRAZILE: Senate Democrats?

WILL: ... difficult to talk -- it's difficult to talk in the context of a campaign about the realities of how a capitalist economy works. I'll give you an example. In 2001, the iPod is invented. Ten years later, all the people who worked at Tower Records and elsewhere -- remember records?

BRAZILE: Oh, yes.

WILL: They're gone. And that's a good thing. Now, Borders is gone in large measure because of Amazon and Kindle. Do we want to repeal Amazon and Kindle? This is the way the world works. There is churning. There is friction. There are job losses and net job creation.

NEWSOM: Well, but -- you know, it doesn't feel like that if you worked for Kodak, where they had 19,000 jobs and are bankrupt. And you contrast that to the great wealth creator of our times. That's Facebook and this IPO, $100-plus billion market cap, only 3,000 jobs. So there's this retooling of the economy creates tremendous anxiety. Going after Bain, that participated in the creation of that anxiety, as you argue, I think is good politics and I think it's sound policy to have that discussion and that debate.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to get to Facebook in a little bit, but first, we also saw this flurry this week over Reverend Wright, the return of Reverend Wright, at least to the front page for a day. It was over -- you see it right there -- a proposal given to Joe Ricketts, who's the head of a super PAC supporting Mitt Romney, to bring back this issue. Now, as I said in my interviews, George Will, Speaker -- I mean, Mitt Romney has repudiated, Joe Ricketts ended up repudiating, but this was a plan that was made, and it created all kinds of excitement for about 48 hours.

WILL: He didn't -- Joe Ricketts didn't end up repudiating it. He repudiated it the instant he saw it. His group is called End Spending. That's what he's interested in, not the social issues, nothing else. He asked through some of his people for someone to produce a plan, but what they got was a plan that ignored what he's interested in and went after Reverend Wright and all this other stuff. Ricketts took one look at it and said no.

Now, the New York Times -- that didn't fit their narrative, billionaire behaving responsibly. So they said he's studying it, they have commissioned this. They've neglected the whole fact which was that this is a small story with a nice ending, which is a responsible affluent man said no.

DOWD: The thing about these things -- and all of us who've been in politics have seen these crazy stuff that people do. I know Fred Davis, know Fred Davis well. Fred Davis worked for me in 2004 in the Bush campaign, he worked for me...

STEPHANOPOULOS: He made this proposal.

DOWD: ... in the 2006, in the Arnold Schwarzenegger campaign. Fred Davis is a creative guy, but Fred Davis requires adult supervision. Just like a lot of media guys, they require...

WILL: And he got it.

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