'This Week' Transcript: House Speaker John Boehner and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

DOWD: ... think that if you're talking about him, it's a good thing. Again, this is a situation where Mitt Romney does not want to be talking about Reverend Wright. Mitt Romney does not want to be talking about contraception. Mitt Romney doesn't want to be talking about any of these social issues. Mitt Romney wants to be talking...

INGRAHAM: But why can't other people talk about it?

DOWD: All I'm saying is, Mitt Romney doesn't want to talk about anything but the economy.

INGRAHAM: Ending spending isn't Mitt Romney.

BRAZILE: Well, George, there's just -- we have so much money involved in politics today. I feel like I ran Al Gore's campaign and won on the cheap, given the amount of money that...


DOWD: I was sitting on the other side when we won.

BRAZILE: I don't think so. Running on the cheap, and compared to the amount of money we have today -- I mean, if you have a pet cause, a pet issue, then, you know, take $10 million out of your whatever, your Swiss bank account, and then just run these crazy ads. This is the -- it's the problem. I mean, my lord, we're going to have another conversation about Reverend Wright. I'm Catholic, so I love bringing up, you know, a black liberation theology, the black church, the black culture. I get a chance to be black for a few days.

But the truth of the matter is, the American people want to talk about the economy. They want to talk about the future of the country. They don't want to have these sideshows.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I think that's exactly right. But, George, in the meantime, Donna brings up the money. And one thing we are seeing this time around -- we saw it in the month of April -- Mitt Romney raised almost as much money as Barack Obama, and the super PACs aligned, supporting him are, you know, five to one outraising the Democratic super PACs...

WILL: Which is why this has suddenly become a problem and a threat to democracy. When George Soros was pouring his money in, in 2004, I don't remember all this. Were you busy, Gavin, denouncing this in 2004?

NEWSOM: I've been denouncing independent expenditures -- money has played a huge role independently. The super PACs just put it on steroids. But, no, people are out there making the same point, a critique, not individualizing it.

Look, it is a good point. It was 10 to 1 cash advantage in the bank for Obama. Now it's about 2 to 1, about $124 million, Romney's got about $61 million. But they each one raised in April at about a $40 million clip. So money is not going to be the big advantage it was in the last election.

INGRAHAM: Look at all those jobs created with this money, all the jobs created.

DOWD: This is -- this is -- I think this is where I fault the Obama campaign for missing a huge window of opportunity they had, because they had a 10 to 1 advantage when Mitt Romney was coming out of -- bruised and battered out of the Republican primary, I think they missed this big window where they could have basically framed this race, kept their boot on him, kept him down when they had a 10 to 1 advantage. And now, as each day goes forward, Mitt Romney looks more and more like he has a chance to win this race, much more so than he did a month ago. He's going to raise more money. He's going to get more enthusiasm. He's going to get all that.

And as each day moves forward, it gets harder and harder for Barack Obama to frame this race in the way he wants. I think that's a huge window he missed.

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