'This Week' Transcript: House Speaker John Boehner and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

PELOSI: Yes, I do. I think it would be dead-even, about -- the speaker three -- 30 percent chance that they would lose or something. But I think it's bigger than that. But what he did say that was correct was that there are about 50 Republican seats in play. I would say 75. I feel pretty good about where we are.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I know you're just back from Afghanistan. Senator Feinstein came back a couple of weeks ago and said that she found the Taliban was gaining strength from her time on the ground. Is that what you saw?

PELOSI: I didn't see that, no. I don't disagree with the senator. They may have gained strength, but they have lost some other ground, you know what I mean? So maybe it evens out.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You're not worried if that happens that the Taliban will be able to take over?

PELOSI: If the security is trained properly, yes, I think that they can protect their country. But I think what we -- we do not have an eternal commitment to being there in a military way.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Politically, what more do you think President Obama has to do to win this election? I know you think the Democrats are in good shape in the House. What do you think he needs to do to put over this very close race with Mitt Romney?

PELOSI: These elections are always about the future. As I always say, President Lincoln said, "Public sentiment is everything." So regardless of all the good things he has done, he has to convey that to the American people. And he has to show what the clear distinction is.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The DCCC, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, put out a fundraising appeal talking about the Republican super PAC plan on Reverend Wright, calling it race-baiting at its worst. And I just wondered, do you really think that's fair, given the fact that Mitt Romney and even the head of the super PAC have absolutely repudiated this effort?

PELOSI: Well, I don't think so. I think that -- what I saw -- just using the public record as a guide -- was Governor Romney on TV this morning, and they quoted what he said in February, what he said just this past February.

STEPHANOPOULOS: About Reverend Wright?

PELOSI: About Reverend Wright. And then they said to him, "Well, this seems different from what you're saying now. Do you stand by what you said in February?" And he said, "I don't know what I said in February, but I stand by it." But what he said in February was very similar to what they were saying about Reverend Wright.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So no regrets?

PELOSI: No regrets about...

STEPHANOPOULOS: For this fundraising appeal?

PELOSI: Why would we have any regrets? He has -- he stood by his remarks in February. So I think maybe it might be useful to see what he said in February and see that he stands by those remarks. But that's not what the election's about. The election is about three things: jobs, jobs, and jobs. This election is not about Reverend Wright.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And, finally, you're celebrating 25 years in the House this year.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you think you'll come back in the 26th as speaker?

PELOSI: Well, I just want to come back with the Democrats in the majority. That's really what is important. So I'm very excited about the election and the opportunity it gives us to make the distinction and very proud that President Obama is the top of our ticket.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And you'll worry about the rest later?

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