'This Week' Transcript: Jacob Lew and Jon Kyl

But she's also been talking about other things -- or at least a lot of other things have been talked about this week. A lot of attention on Michele Bachmann's husband and whether this has clinic advocates the controversial therapy to turn gay people straight. But what hasn't got much scrutiny yet is the candidate's own past comments on homosexuality where Michele Bachmann has called it personal bondage, personal despair, personal enslavement.

Do you think, George, Matt, that this issue she's going to have to start talking about more, that it's going to start becoming a big issue as people put more scrutiny on her?

MR. WILL: What she said several years ago is, A, of dubious relevance at this point I think but, B, will not hurt her in the Iowa caucuses.


MR. DOWD: Well, first of all, if we really -- I mean, she's prejudiced against homosexuals. From her statements, with her actions and all, that's absolutely true. She believes it's somehow some bad behavior or something, whatever she thinks. So that's the truth.

It may not hurt her in the Republican primary. As an issue, I think it hurts her because people are looking -- the first thing Republicans are looking for is somebody that can beat Barack Obama, and whenever these things come up, it makes it less likely that they're going to vote for, and not because they disagree with her on this issue, but they think it's less likely that she could win a general election which, actually, I think helps potential candidate, Governor Perry.

MS. AMANPOUR: Well, I was just going to ask you about that. Do we think he's going to get in?

MR. KARL: Yes.


MR. DOWD: If I were betting in Vegas, I'd put a large amount on it. (Laughter.)

MS. AMANPOUR: So, Representative, the last question to you. How will the dynamic then be affected between a Perry and a Bachmann?

REP. LABRADOR: I think it should be interesting. I have kept my powder dry. I have not endorsed any candidate yet. I want to make sure -- I was hoping that a couple of other people got in. One is not going to get in, Chris Christie. Rick Perry will probably get in, and then I'm going to wait a couple of months to see how he does and how he performs.

MS. AMANPOUR: All right. On that punt -- (laughter) -- coming up --

MS. ROBERTS: Women's soccer.

MS. AMANPOUR: We have that coming up, women's soccer, exactly, and also Rupert Murdock on the ropes. His two top executives have resigned. Others have been arrested, including this morning. Will the media titan be next to fall as the phone hacking scandal engulfs his empire? He's going to be called before a parliamentary commission next week, and we have special insight from the top media reporter who's covered Murdock for years.


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