'This Week' Transcript: Mayor Thomas Menino

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let's go back to the investigation. Take us behind the scenes if you could. I understand the turning point came on Wednesday when you became upon images of Dzokhar reacting to the bombing. Governor Patrick called these images highly incriminating, said these are things the public has not seen. What was the nature of this evidence and these images?

MENINO: Well, the FBI who turned out these images of two individuals who were walking on Boylston Street, And I believe, like the governor has, that was a turning point of the investigation, when they put these photos out and many people came forward with the information about these two individuals and went forward with that.

That helped the FBI, the Boston police, the state police, all of who were working together to come to a conclusion in this case and really find where these individuals were, and then on Friday make that arrest Friday evening.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you didn't have a bead on where they were on Wednesday?

MENINO: No, we didn't have. There was a lot of rumors where they were. There was a lot of chasing around of the locations that people said we saw him there, we saw him there. But until the photos were put in place, I think that's when the investigation really crystallized and the people saw -- and the FBI and the Boston police and the state police were able to hone in on certain areas.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And are you convinced now they were planning more attacks?

MENINO: I'm not convinced at all that they were planning more attacks. I mean, that's (inaudible) that. But you know, we have to be vigilant. 9/11 changed our world. We have to make sure that we are vigilant every day. Public safety officials, mayors, governors, we have to look at a different world we live in today, because there's individuals out there who have no -- don't care about anybody else, don't care about maim and killing people, they just want to destroy our world, and we have to be very careful of that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Yeah, I agree with that, Mayor, but on the -- do you believe that these two individuals were done after they set those bombs at the marathon, or do you think they were prepared to carry out more attacks themselves?

MENINO: I honestly, George, I couldn't tell you. I don't know -- I would hope not, but you never know. These people are -- you know, they had the mindset of destruction. Did they have more bombs on their possession or near their possession? There's some stories that they did. But let me just say that our public safety departments worked so well together. I mean, you'd be proud of what happened in Massachusetts this past week with the Boston police, state police and FBI working together. It was really a great thing.

You know, everybody came together. The president talked to us everyday on the phone. President came here. The governor and I worked hand in hand. It was just -- and the citizens. I have to give the citizens of Boston a lot of credit. They really were vigilant. They all came out and supported us. And now the issue is how do we move forward? How do we use that good will and that American feeling to do a better job?

We started a fund in Boston, the onefund.org, which is a fund to help some of the issues that arose during this tragedy. And it's overwhelming support. And Ken Feinberg, who you know, George, is heading up the fund for us to make sure we do it the right way in Boston.

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