'This Week' Transcript: Newt Gingrich, John Boehner

GOOLSBEE: But isn't he going to try to do the same move again against the president, and then it's basically not going to work? And I don't think Mitt Romney realizes that in the battle with Newt Gingrich, yes, he's beating Newt Gingrich by just swamping him with sewage throughout the primaries, wherever he starts to rise up again, but they've opened up the issues with his tax returns, they've opened up the issues of his business record, they've opened up a number of things which the polling at least indicates independents are very concerned about, and I don't think they've been answered. He's been very reluctant to release his...

TAPPER: But does it become old news, in the same way that Reverend Wright became old news?


GOOLSBEE: ... because in the Reverend Wright case or in other cases, the Clintons released their tax returns early. They released all of them. They tried to get everything that you could get out in the beginning so that when it came -- when it would come back months later, you say, look, we've been through this. Romney did the opposite. They released -- they went back one year, and it's a circumstance in which he's got -- they just shut down Swiss bank accounts. They got $10 million in Cayman Islands. It...


INGRAHAM: But running against Newt Gingrich, who has limited resources, versus Barack Obama, who I saw last night wow a huge crowd in Washington at the steak dinner...

TAPPER: The Alfalfa Club dinner, yeah.

INGRAHAM: Yeah, I mean, a bunch of us sitting next to each other, very prominent conservatives, former Bush cabinet members, we're looking at each other going, I don't know if Mitt Romney can beat him.

TAPPER: Really?

INGRAHAM: It was -- he's got to bring his A game. And it can't just -- it can't just be, you know, the kind of thing he's doing with Gingrich, because Obama's operation is really smart, and I think they're going to run a tough campaign.

TAPPER: I want to toot your horn for one second, Laura. This is one of the most interesting bites I've heard out of Mitt Romney from your radio show, in which you talked to him about the challenge of running against President Obama as the economy is recovering, if we could roll that clip.


INGRAHAM: How do you answer the president's argument that the economy is getting better in a general election campaign?

ROMNEY: Well, of course it's getting better. The economy always gets better after a recession. The question is, has it recovered by virtue of something the president's done or has he delayed the recovery and made it more painful? And the latter is, of course, the -- the truth.

INGRAHAM: Isn't that a hard argument to make?


TAPPER: And then he says, "Have you gotten a better one, Laura? It just happened to be the truth."

INGRAHAM: Yeah, I wish I had time in that interview to go through all the other ideas that I have. It'd be a little bit better than saying the economy is getting better, but I'm the guy to take it over.

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