'This Week' Transcript: Newt Gingrich, John Boehner

TAPPER: In any of the president's proposals, tax proposals that he introduced at the State of the Union, including the one that would discourage manufacturers from moving overseas to take advantage of lower taxes abroad, did you hear anything that you could support and House Republicans would vote for?

BOEHNER: Well, the president has got an awful lot of good ideas. But, you know, the president's own jobs council has endorsed many of the Republican ideas. We have passed 30 bills in the House that would help get our economy moving again; 27 of them are sitting over in the United States Senate.

TAPPER: One of your own members, Republican Congressman Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia, said this about the remark you just made about 30 jobs bills already having passed the House and not having passed the Senate. He said, quote, "We need to quit passing bills over here and cheering for ourselves when we know they're dead on arrival over there in the Senate." His point is that, without coordinating with the Senate to make sure that there is momentum for these bills and that these bills cannot only just get through the House, but can also get through the Senate, it's meaningless. Doesn't he have a point?

BOEHNER: Well, we have a bicameral system. You know, we have the House of Representatives, 435 members from all 50 states. You've got the United States Senate. We can't control what the Senate does or doesn't do.

TAPPER: Yeah, but you can talk to them.

BOEHNER: But we do talk to them. And I've talked to Harry Reid about moving these bills. But the House has to do its job. And the House has done its job. We've moved these bills. We've sent them over to the Senate. It's time for the Senate to do their job.

TAPPER: But isn't the point that, without coordinating with the Senate before they pass the House, knowing that there's a chance that they will get a majority vote, can get the 60 votes needed to come to the floor...

BOEHNER: But how do -- how do you know you're going to -- you have 60 votes or you don't have 60 votes in the Senate unless the House does its job and moves this bill over there?

TAPPER: Well, next week, you're introducing the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act. Will you attach the Keystone bill to that?

BOEHNER: If it's not enacted before we take up the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act, it will be part of it.

TAPPER: Let's turn to presidential politics. I know you're very eager to plunge into the waters.

BOEHNER: Oh, I can't wait.

TAPPER: Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole warns that nominating your predecessor, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, could drag down the whole party in November. He writes that when he ran for president in 1996, quote, "The Democrats greeted me with a number of negative TV ads and in every one of them Newt was in the ad. He was very unpopular, and I am not only certain that this did not help me, but that it cost House seats that year."

BOEHNER: Well, I think you know that Newt and I have been friends. We've worked together closely during the mid-'90s. And -- but we've got four great candidates. And I just think that the process has to play out and out of this process we'll get a candidate. And I'm confident that whoever that candidate is will be someone I can support and that our team can support

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