'This Week' Transcript: Obama Senior Adviser David Plouffe

RUBIO: They've never talked with us about it. And the truth is, look, I -- the way our republic is designed, the Congress is supposed to pass laws, and the president can decide whether to sign it or not.

O'REILLY: But you're a leader. Shouldn't the president be conferring with leaders in the House and the Senate?

RUBIO: Well, we'd be more than happy to talk to him and explain my principles to them.

O'REILLY: But he hasn't called.

RUBIO: No, no.



PLOUFFE: Well, there's going to be a debate and process over immigration reform. And I think during that process, I think there will be discussions that we, the president, the administration has with members of Congress and Congress among themselves. But what's clear is, this -- the stars are aligned for immigration reform. By the way, it needs to be real immigration reform, not symbolic.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But aren't you going to have to team up with Marco Rubio to get it done?

PLOUFFE: Well, my point -- George, there's going to be a process. And I do think that there's broad Republican support around the country, not as much in Congress, but maybe we're beginning to see a change there. The stars are aligned for progress here on, you know, building on the border security progress we've made, holding businesses accountable, in terms of hiring legal immigrants, in terms of a pathway to earned citizenship. So I do think the moment is here right now to finally get this done, high-skilled workers for our businesses. There's a lot that we can do.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But those are all things that he's talking about, as well. Wouldn't it be a more powerful position if the president and a key Republican like that had a united front?

PLOUFFE: Well, George, this process will begin shortly, another effort here to finally get immigration reform. And at that point, I think you're going to see us working with Democrats and Republicans, people outside of Washington, there's a huge consensus in the business community, in the faith community for immigration reform.

So, yeah, our hope is that we can do this. Maybe this is an issue that doesn't have to be as hard as it should -- as it needs to be. It should be something where there seems to be a consensus in the country. I think there's a political necessity for the Republican Party to do this. And we believe it's the right thing to do for our country and our economy.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I know you want to put the weight of the president's campaign behind all these issues. The president set up a new organization, Organizing for Action, a new political action committee, unlimited donations from corporations, but the president will disclose all donors?

PLOUFFE: Yes, we will voluntarily disclose all of our donors. And we're very excited. The people who actually made the president's campaign in both '08 and '12, our great grassroots volunteers, were pretty clear after the election they wanted to stay with it and they want to be out there organizing, driving message, holding people accountable on issues like immigration, you know, the deficit and jobs, gun safety, a lot of passion out there.

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