'This Week' Transcript: Rep. Darrell Issa

ISSA: Jake, it's one of the memos -- one of the e-mails we specifically know exist and we've asked for. Remember, the Democrats have said this is a fishing expedition from day one. And what we've said is, no, we're not fishing, but you get testimony or whistleblowers and you ask for documents. You read the documents. Sometimes that leads you to more.

In this case, the thing the American people should understand is, lots of people knew that guns walked. On February 4th, Congress gets told -- specifically Senator Grassley in a letter -- we never let guns walk. And then that was -- live testimony supported that afterwards, when, in fact, 10 months later is when they finally said, no, that was false and retracted it. Ten months of lying to the American people and to Brian Terry's family.

TAPPER: One of the knocks on you is that you're partisan and that you're blinded by partisanship. Gun-walking, as you know, was not invented by the Obama administration. It took place in the Justice Department under President Bush. There was Operation Wide Receiver, the Medrano case, the Hernandez case...

ISSA: And a Fernandez case, too. There are these other cases. And each one is slightly different. And...

TAPPER: But why not -- why not call before your committee Republicans? Michael Mukasey, the Justice Department -- the attorney general during President Bush's time, why not call them to find -- to get to the heart of matter how this all started?

ISSA: Well, you know, Jake, this 7,600 pages, we've had no problem at all with them voluntarily giving us lots of things to -- you know, in the way of recrimination of the previous administration. We're not -- we -- our subpoenas covered that information. We've said we want it.

The -- the whole point of this thing is a little bit like when you do something wrong and then lie about it as a young person, you can't say, oh, after you get caught, my brother did it, too. There were things that we don't approve of, that we think were not well thought out, by the way, that the Bush administration thought were not well thought out. Wide Receiver was an example of a program in which it was so bad that the then-Republican U.S. attorney declined to prosecute.

But let's understand, Lanny Breuer personally ordered the reopening of Wide Receiver prosecutions and began those exactly as he or others authorized Fast and Furious. So this isn't a program that was shut down by Eric Holder. This is a program that was shut down under the Bush administration by local officials. A U.S. attorney decided it was a bad way to gather evidence. It was reopened for prosecution by Lanny Breuer, and then ultimately Fast and Furious was started.

So this is an example where Eric Holder would have you believe it started under Bush and closed up under him. No, it started under Bush, was closed up under Bush, reopened under President Obama, and, in fact, got to be on steroids.

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