'This Week' Transcript: Tragedy in Colorado

HOGAN: Well, certainly concern about their family. We saw some people yesterday who are still terribly injured and may not make it. Everybody's concerned about their family, but as the governor said, they understand the community cares. Our victim services people are getting out into the various hospitals, were contacting not only those who are still in the hospital, but those who are injured and are not hospitalized. It's just an impossible situation to understand, and we're still trying to – we are still trying to deal with all of it. You see people who were hurt very badly at 2:00 in the morning and are sitting up in their bed talking. You see other people who just simply aren't moving and are still facing serious, serious surgery. So it's just a terrible situation.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It certainly is, but as you can imagine, Governor, the debate over whether this could have been prevented has already began. You probably heard the comments of Mayor Bloomberg of New York, who made headlines on Friday with his calls for tougher gun laws. Other people, several in your state, saying that perhaps if someone else in that theater had a gun, the killer could have been stopped. Does it make you think at this point that you need to take another look at Colorado's gun laws?

HICKENLOOPER: You know, I'm sure that that is going to happen, but I look at this, this wasn't a Colorado problem, this is a human problem, right? And how we can have such a warped individual and no one around him be aware? You know, I worry that if we got rid all of the guns -- and certainly we have so many guns in this country, we do have a lot more than gun violence than many other countries -- but even if you didn't have access to guns, this guy was diabolical. Right? He would have found explosives, he would have found something else, some sort of poisonous gas, he would have done something to create this horror.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Right. And Mayor, to pick up on a point the governor just made right there, no one in the community seems to have had any, any inkling at all that there was something terribly wrong with this young man?

HOGAN: Absolutely not. He appeared to everyone to be very normal, an intelligent guy. He was a student, came here a couple of years ago from California. He was taking classes at the University of Colorado Medical Center. He just, by every standard, appeared normal. Clearly there's something wrong here.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did he have friends?

HOGAN: There was something wrong with this individual.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did he make connections? Had he put down any roots in the community?

HOGAN: He had friends. He had made connections. He had people he went drinking with on Friday nights. And all the comments to date are normal guy. Just something very seriously wrong here.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Boy, it's just so hard to wrap your mind around what could make someone like that snap, Governor?

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