'This Week' Transcript: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

STEPHANOPOULOS: We have a couple of minutes left. I want to put up that picture we saw of Mitt Romney and President Obama in the Oval Office this week and ask Dan Senor, you know, the statement that came out of the White House was about as tepid as a statement could be, saying maybe if something comes up in the future they can work together, they might find a way to do it. Do you have any insight into what really happened?

SENOR: Not much that I can get into, other than to say --


SENOR: No, no, they both -- actually, both of them, both President Obama and Governor Romney agreed that they would keep this pretty close held. I think it was a very respectful discussion. I think it was an interesting discussion, probably more interesting than some of these images you showed earlier of Gore and Bush and some of these other win-loss get-togethers.

I take President Obama at his word, what he said publicly at that press conference after his election, that there are some ideas that Governor Romney put fore that he thinks are interesting. I think they may have talked about some of those issues. I think they'll have an open channel of communication. I don't think there's going to be that much--


STEPHANOPOULOS: What are Republicans going to be looking for Mitt Romney to do in the future?

COLE: You know, probably raise a lot of money. Honestly, he did build a tremendous infrastructure during the course of his campaign, and he had a great campaign team and staff around him. Who he supports in 2016 will matter if he chooses to do that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK, let's take one more quick break, and as we look at this good Samaritan photo that rocketed around the world this week, the roundtable, when we come back, is going to weigh in on where they find hope in politics. That's next.



LARRY DEPRIMO, NYPD: I remember that night, it was just extremely cold. And to look down at this gentleman's feet, and to see that he had no socks. And when he told me he never had a pair of shoes, it was just -- my heart went out to him. I ran ahead of him. And I went into Sketchers, and I asked them, I don't care what it costs, this gentleman needs a pair of shoes. They were able to help me out. It was cold. And he couldn't -- I didn't want him doing it himself. So I just knelt down. I didn't think anything of it. And I just helped him put on the socks and the shoes there.


STEPHANOPOULOS: And that simple act of kindness from Officer Larry DePrimo went around the world, has been seen millions and millions of time. Right now, it gives us the opportunity (inaudible) with just a couple of minutes left here to identify some things that are giving you hope in our political word.

ROBERTS: In the political word? I'm just back from Vietnam, where I was doing some work with Save the Children, and eventually we get it right. It takes a long time sometimes. But we've gotten it right there. We're doing wonderful development work there, we the American people, putting shoes on all kinds of people. And especially on little children who've never had them before.


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