'This Week' Transcript: Warren Buffett, Powerhouse Roundtable

But if Hillary Clinton does not run, Biden jumps up to the top, 45, 15, Deval Patrick in at 6. Governor Richardson, you're one of the few people I've talked to who believes that you could actually see a faceoff between Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. That they both might run.

RICHARDSON: Yeah I think Joe Biden would not defer. I think he would run. Hillary Clinton would be formidable, no question about it. But I've known Biden over the years. He is somebody who's always wanted to be present. He's got the eye of the tiger. I mean he's going to all of these events. You've seen in his speeches, I was with him Friday morning, I think there could be a faceoff, but obviously Secretary Clinton is a formidable candidate who not only is appealing to the Democratic base, but is appealing to a Republican base who acknowledges the great work she did as Secretary of State.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Republican base supporting Hillary Clinton?


DEMINT: I don't think so George. You said it right, I mean she represents a third term of continuing in the same direction. I think Republicans don't need to focus on who's running right now, but what are the ideas that can inspire the American people.

We ran the last campaign on what was wrong with Obama. But it's time for Republicans, particularly conservatives that I represent, to show an inspiring winsome message to the American people. That's my priority at the Heritage Foundation, is not only talk about the right ideas, but to figure out how to connect with the American people.

ROBERTS: I think that third term notion is really strong. And I think it's a tough one for the Democrats. First of all we don't generally give people third terms.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you think it would deter Secretary Clinton --

ROBERTS: I don't think it will deter Vice President Biden. I think Secretary Clinton probably has a variety of things she's thinking about before she makes the decision to run. But my husband has convinced me that the historical imperative will make her run.

That she just, that this notion of being the first woman president, and of course everybody is coming to her and saying that. That you need to be the first woman president. You're the one who can do it. And that becomes very, very hard to resist.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That makes sense to me Mary. Do you agree?

MATALIN: No the third term issue is real. Ironically Hillary is to 2016 as George H.W. Bush was to 1992 when we got our clocks cleaned by the Clintons. And I think the reason she's been so successful as a woman will talk her out of it. She knows she can make an impact without it.

ROBERTS: She can make a huge impact.

MATALIN: Women think different and the historical paradigm goes to the way men think. My husband disagrees with that.

CARVILLE: Yeah I think it's more like 1988, when he went for the third term. But look, I have never, (inaudible) I've not seen one Democrat in the country that does not want her to run. And literally now they know that I would be for her and they come up to me and say, God please, please, tell her to run. Look at Nancy Pelosi, look at everything.

It has never been a front runner, a non-incumbent front runner like her since probably Eisenhower. And both parties wanted Eisenhower to run. And then once he said he was running as a Republican, it was all over. I've never seen, I can't tell you, if she ran, who would (inaudible) she is the most prohibitive front runner I have ever seen (inaudible).

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