'This Week' Transcript: Warren Buffett, Powerhouse Roundtable

An Iranian military official, a top official today said that Hezbollah will respond to these Israeli strikes. It's hard to know whether that's bluster, or whether it's a genuine threat. But as you can imagine, tensions here are very high. Israel has moved two of its famous Iron Dome anti-missile batteries into the north, near the -- near the borders with Syria and Lebanon to cover whatever could come in from there. Not just onto the civilian population, but on to what could be strategic military targets. We're also getting reports that Syria's regime has held an emergency meeting to figure out what it's response should be.

But perhaps in a sign that Israel doesn't think that a response could be eminent, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is proceeding with a trip to China later tonight. George?

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK, Alex. Thanks. And with that, let's bring in our Roundtable, Cokie Roberts from ABC, Bill Richardson, the Democrat, former governor of New Mexico, former U.N. Ambassador and Energy secretary, Jim DeMint, the president of the Heritage Foundation, former Senator from South Carolina, and James Carville, and Mary Matalin, welcome to both of you? And let's start out with you, Governor Richardson. Let me go to you. You were serving as U.N. Ambassador. The president right after these strikes were announced, ruled out putting U.S. boots on the ground in Syria. But the pressure is building for more military action?

RICHARDSON: Yes, and I think he's signaled that he's ready to use that military action. We can't have boots on the ground, but I think potentially some kind of option like airstrikes against some of those weapons sites to protect the rebels are in the cards, in my view. Now, I think what happened with Israel is, Israel is also sending a signal to Iran, to Hezbollah, but possibly to us too, that the situation right in the Syrian area is getting very, very tense.

But I think in the next few days, my view is that the president will opt towards some kind of limited military option.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator DeMint, is that something he should do?

DEMINT: Well, Israel is acting in self-defense. Clearly Iran -- Iran is shipping more precise guided missiles through Syria. So the less stable Syria is, the more dangerous it is for Israel. I think we've probably stood -- taken too much of a passive, or at least an unclear stance on this for too long. That's created more instability. I think the president needs to make it clear what we will do. And he's already tried to do that with his bright red line, which he hasn't followed through on.

So, I don't know what his steps should be right now. But clear his indecisiveness has destabilized, and probably brought Israel into this.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Clearly also though, Cokie, the public's not rushing...

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