'This Week' Transcript: Warren Buffett, Powerhouse Roundtable

RICHARDSON: No. I realize that, especially when it gets to the House. But my hope is that a good part of the Republican moderate party is moving in the right direction. And I think if Senator DeMint and his organization saw that this is not just an important policy change for the country. And the cost, senator -- you know immigrants contribute to our economy.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But Mary, this does seem to be splitting the Republican Party right now, increasingly.

MATALIN: Right. But that's a false argument that the Hispanic vote is contingent upon a single issue. It was -- for Hispanics here legally, it's the fifth-most important issue.

It is a gateway issue. There needs to be better articulation as Senator DeMint has tried to do and Senator Rubio tried to do. They disagree on the assumptions in your -- the dynamic scoring, they say is absent from your study. But at least we're talking about real measures. We're not talking about the Christmas tree stuff that the president passed so easily, that collage of things that everybody agrees with. It's a real approach with differences in the party.

But if we do this because we think it's politically palatable as opposed to good for the country. And, yes, it does take 13 years. And yes it is as long as it takes to become a Jesuit, I think it would be worth becoming a Jesuit and an American citizen for all of the trip wires in reform.

ROBERTS: Look, it does divide the Republican Party. There's just no question about it. There are people in the party who can do math and who say, you know, this is a huge -- fastest-growing group in the country. And we can't afford to alienate them. And then there are people who say, but wait. I represent a congressional district that is 100 percent Republican. And that if I vote for this bill, I'm going to get in so much trouble in my primary, that I can't vote for the bill.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And James, one of the things you saw this week is even Marco Rubio who is a big proponent of the bill, saying he doesn't think it can pass the House.

CARVILLE: Look, let's go to the raw politics here, let Cato and the CBO fight this out over here. The raw politics over here are this does divide the Republican Party.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, all right, and he made the case....

MATALIN: I love that.

CARVILLE: Look, we're Democrats, we listen to everybody.

He said, look -- this is what you hear from a political standpoint. You're going to bring all these people in, you're going to make them legal, you're going to help them do that. And they're not going to vote for you. And you have 4 million people that sit back every election because we're doing this.

So, the Limbaughian -- and this is a lot of Republicans' calculation is you're not going to get credit for this anyway. The Democrats are going to is get the credit. And you're going to have a lot more Democratic voters.

I don't say I agree with that, but that's where the politics hits the ground and there's a lot of opposition in the Republican Party.

DEMINT: Well, conservatives support immigration. And lawful immigration, particularly if it's merit based, is going build our country. Immigrants built our country.

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