Wendy Davis 'Thinking Very Carefully' About Run for Texas Governor


For her part, Davis suggested that Texas voters are looking to embrace politicians more in line with their values, regardless of their party affiliation.

Anti-abortion advocates suggest, however, that Davis' claim to fame is a political loser for Democrats. They point to a slew of polls, including a recent ABC New-Washington Post poll that indicate a 20-week abortion ban has the support of more Americans than a 24-week cutoff for abortions.

Asked whether a pro-abortion rights message will resonate with family-oriented Latino voters in Texas, where the growing Latino vote is likely to be the single most influential political factor in the state in the coming years, Davis said Latino voters are also concerned with a slew of issues such as education and economic development, and access to health care like all voters.

"They want leaders who are going to care about and work on things that matter to their families," Davis said.

"Those values translate across ethnic lines and can certainly and absolutely most certainly today are being far better represented by the Democrats in Texas."

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