White House Crashers: 'We Didn't Do Anything Wrong'

"I just don't know people that do this," Maryann Williamson said. "I mean, were they just sitting around their living room one night saying, 'What can we do next? Should we go crash the White House?' I just don't know people like this.

VIDEO: Felony Charges for Obama Party Crashers?

"I just don't understand what their claim to fame is," Williamson added. "I don't understand. What do they do? I'm puzzled by this. ... I get the feeling that they're broke and are just doing this to make money. I hope they're doing it for some charitable cause, or something, but I don't understand it, I mean, I'm embarrassed for them."

The Salahis said they are ready to put the White House incident behind them.

Would they do it again, given what they know now?

"We're not regretful of anything we did, because as far as we're concerned, we didn't do anything wrong," Tareq Salahi said after the Q-and-A session. "We're putting all that in the past, we've closed that chapter, we're moving forward from that. I think everybody in Washington is moving forward from that."

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Maybe so, but the host of the event, Carol Joynt, said it was sold out in two days. In contrast, her next event, featuring director Oliver Stone, is not sold out.

"My show is all about talking to notable people, people in the news ... and, hello, they are in the news, they are sensational, controversial," Joynt said. "That's the news business. You go where the heat is. I do a lot of shows about life, and I don't get the audience I got with the Salahis."

The Salahis plan to host a paid premiere of the "Real Housewives of D.C." at a local venue to be announced next Friday. General admission tickets will cost $20, and VIP tickets will cost up to $100, they said -- but troops will get in for free.

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