EXIT POLLS: Economy Looms Over Obama-McCain Presidential Race

Working Class: In the last three elections, working class white voters, those earning less than $50,000 a year, have tilted only slightly in favor of the Democrats. More affluent whites have voted solidly Republican, by double-digit margins in the last five elections. As this is shaping up to be another close one (the last three elections here have been decided by three points or less) working-class whites could be critical if they sway just a bit.

Labor Union: Labor is a growing force in the state and Obama will need strong turnout from their ranks. In the Democratic caucus, the leadership of the state's powerful Culinary Workers Union backed Obama. But many union members bucked the union bosses and went with Clinton instead. A quarter of voters were from a union household in 2004, down from 33 percent four years earlier. Union voters went for Kerry over Bush, 56 percent to 42 percent.

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